Traffic safety projects begin at Junction City, Perryville

June 21, 2004

Allen Company employees have begun staking out the work to build safer traffic patterns and parking at Junction City and Perryville elementary schools, said board architect Freida Meyers of Ross/Tarrant Architects at Thursday's meeting of the Boyle County Board of Education at Boyle County High School, according to a press release.

The traffic and parking projects are designed to provide improved traffic flow, lighting and enhanced pedestrian safety at Junction City and Perryville elementary schools.

Meyers noted that since the bids are well under budget the board can consider the contractor's recommendation to repave the existing parking area to be retained, rather than patch and repair as originally specified. The additional work would cost approximately $4,280 and could be accomplished through a change order as work progresses. Meyers also recommended pricing partial sidewalk replacement and new signage at both sites. At the June 7 meeting, Martha Tarrant offered to review to what extent the third construction option presented in April to add canopies to the projects can be considered.


At the June 7 meeting, the board approved Allen Company bids of $214,195 for the project at Junction City Elementary for which $358,382 was budgeted, and $256,805 for the Perryville Elementary job for which the board budgeted $289,574.

"You're in real good shape," said bond consultant Chris Bowling of J.J.B. Hilliard, W.L. Lyons, Inc. at the June 7 meeting. The two projects originally were planned at an estimated total cost of $670,000 using the 2000 offer of assistance from the Kentucky Schools Facilities Construction Commission (KSFCC) and approximately $30,000 of the district's cash. The KSFCC offer, according to Bowling, will pay for the entire project bid of $471,000 without using local money.

The board approved to be paid from the bond issue $7,500, the minimum fee, in a fiscal agent contract with Hilliard Lyons, and in a separate meeting of the finance corporation authorized a resolution approving a bond issue of $555,000 with the sale to be held on June 24.

Originally conceived by school construction design teams prior to the start of the most recent renovations of the community schools, the projects will separate bus and car traffic to afford safer and more convenient pedestrian access. At Junction City Elementary, bus traffic will loop to the east of the school, entering and exiting from the current entrance. Cars will loop, entering and exiting from the west side of the school where traffic currently exits. Cars will line up for drop-offs or pick-ups in front of the school to the south of two rows of parking where one row currently exists. This space will accommodate all car traffic and prevent stacking of waiting cars into the drive approaching the school.

At Perryville, buses will enter and exit on the south side of the school to deliver students to the cafeteria side of the building. Cars will enter and exit from the current entrance, looping around the parking lot in front of the school. As with Junction City, no pavement will connect the bus and car traffic flows.

From three options presented by architects, the board in April chose the second at an estimated cost of $697,435, adding lighting to the base site work ($563,123) to redesign the traffic flow and provide new parking. The third option ($880,336), to build canopies for weather protection of pedestrians, can be added when funding is available.

Bowling in April advised the board of the need to move quickly to take advantage of the KSFCC 2000 offer of assistance that gives the board $670,000 in bonding capability prior to June 30. With no state budget having been approved by legislators, all KSFCC offers of assistance will be suspended as of July 1. Offers will become available once a state budget is approved. Remaining contingency money from the last renovation projects that included the site work being pursued can be applied to make up the difference in cost. Approximately $353,036 remains in the original construction budget set for renovations at the middle and two elementary schools.

Jim Morris of the Allen Company believes work can be completed prior to the start of school, said Meyers.

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