Off The Record: Vacation suggestions for newsmakers

June 21, 2004|HERB BROCK

It's time for Americans to start hitting the road for those long-awaited summer vacations. While gas prices are coming down a bit, they're still high enough that most of us will be hitting our heads when we see those numbers on the pump flip rapidly upward. But most of us will pay anyway.

Speaking of gas, I've been wondering where those folks who give us heartburn regularly - prominent local, state and national politicians - will be going for their summer breaks. In case they haven't made their plans, here are some suggestions:

Danville City Commission - The new skateboard park at Anderson-Dean Park in Harrodsburg.

The commission has tried to come up with a plan and money to back it for a skatepark, and progress has finally been made toward that end as it appears that the facility will be built at Millennium Park. But wouldn't you know that by the time the park at Millennium will have been built, one apparently already will be in place at Anderson-Dean.


There hasn't been nearly the chatter or publicity about a skateboard park in Harrodsburg as there has been in Danville, but it looks like the Harrodsburg folks will have the first skateboard park in the area. They already beat Danville to building a new community park.

For you newcomers, there has been a longstanding civic rivalry between Harrodsburg and Danville, and methinks the leadership in Harrodsburg decided they would slip in and build their skateboard facility while Danville leaders were still haggling over theirs, just to say they were first.

Danville claims it is the "city of firsts," but Harrodsburg people scoff at that, knowing their town was settled before Danville, or any other city west of the Alleghenies, for that matter. If Harrodsburg people had their way, Danville should change its motto to the "city of seconds."

Danville Mayor John W.D. Bowling and Commissioners Chester Kavanaugh and Ryan Owens - The Emerald City.

The perfect get-away spot for hizzoner and hiz two puppets should be the capital city of the Land of Oz. That's where they'll find the Wizard who, we understand, has enormous medical powers. We hear he can even give people brains, hearts and courage.

In the case of Bowling and Co., they apparently have plenty of courage, at least enough of the political kind to go against the will of the people on some important issues; and they apparently have enough brainpower, at least enough of the political kind to outwit the voting public and get into office.

But the three Tin Men definitely are in need of a cardiac procedure, based on the way they temporarily stopped the Heart of Danville from beating by blocking that artery filled with green blood.

To a lot of people, the Heart is a valuable community resource for downtown Danville. But to Bowling and Co., it apparently was a nuisance, pushing too hard for a parking garage that the triumvirate isn't sold on.

House Speaker Jody Richards and Senate Majority Leader David Williams - a Jellico wedding chapel.

The story from the state capital goes that the state's No. 1 elected Democrat (Richards) and the state's No. 2 elected Republican (Williams) used to be close, both personally and professionally. The word is that they used to work together on lots of pieces of legislation.

So much for the good ol' days.

Since Williams ascended to power in the Senate when the GOP took over a few years ago, the one-time practitioner of the political art of compromise has morphed into a royalist, treating Democrats as if they were an unworthy bunch of rebellious rabble, trying to cross the moat and storm his castle. King David wants to keep them in their place, especially Richards, whom he treats like the court clown. Perhaps it's payback time for the eons Republicans were treated like something lower than dirt.

Meantime, Richards, while not as contentious as his Senate counterpart, has been behaving as if the state's No. 1 Republican, Gov. Ernie Fletcher, didn't win the gubernatorial election. Earth to Jody: Ernie won by 10 percent, which is close to, if not actually, a mandate.

If the state is going to move forward on the budget and many other vital issues, King David and Court Jester Jody are going to have to rekindle their friendship and renew their vows of compromising for the best interests of the people they serve. Perhaps they can do that by spending their summer vacation across the border in Jellico, Tenn., at a quickie wedding chapel there. Kentucky does not have a law allowing same-sex marriage, but, thanks to the king and the court jester, it doesn't have a budget, either.

GOP congressional candidate Tom Buford - U.S. 6th District Rep. Ben Chandler's D.C. digs.

The Nicholasville Republican, who represents Boyle County in the state Senate, would like to go up a legislative notch and serve in the U.S. House. In order to do that, he must defeat the Democrat Chandler, who moved from state attorney general to Congress to replace Fletcher.

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