Casey board shaves $1 million off price of new elementary

June 22, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - Ten modifications that will shave $1 million off the price of the new Jones Park Elementary School were approved Monday night by Casey County Board of Education.

The board agreed at the suggestion of architect Larry Schwering to make the changes to keep the construction project under the $8 million estimated cost.

"We think these modifications will help us achieve our goal," Schwering said.

The two largest cuts were to eliminate bleachers in the gymnasium to save $57,000 and the digital camera system for security to cut $60,000. Both can be purchased with the $400,000 in contingency money.

Other changes and the amount saved include changing case work from stainless steel hardware to brushed chrome, $8,000; thickness of the window framing system, $25,000; changing the window paint system from three to two coats of paint, $12,000; get two work carts instead of four, $1,200; reduce the amount of site concrete, $15,000; change the waste piping system from cast iron pipe to PVC, $5,000; modify the sprinkler system, $3,000; and change grading in storm drain system rather than install manhole, $6,000.


The cuts show a savings of $189,000 plus $100,000 for road improvements that will be paid by the state Transportation Cabinet.

Schwering said the cost of the new school, which will replace Middleburg and Garrett elementary schools, was estimated at $7.4 million at the beginning. Since that estimate was made last year, construction costs have risen from $114 per foot to $127 per foot. Steel prices also have risen.

State law allows the school system to consult with the three lowest bidders and ask them to resubmit their proposals, Schwering said. DW Wilburn Inc. and Alliance Corp. were the only companies to submit bids, and both are receptive to the changes, the architect said. They will be asked to resubmit the bids by 3 p.m. Thursday.

"There are no guarantees that the companies will go along with the changes, but both want the contract," said Schwering. "They have as much interest (in the project) as we do."

He said the only other alternative was to reject the bids and redesign the plan.

Schwering said if bids come in $8 million or below, the school board can consider the bids at a special called meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday.

The board agreed to meet Thursday night to consider a contract and to modify the plan that goes to the state.

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