July 4th celebrations dangerous for pets

June 23, 2004

Dear Editor:

Central KY Boxer Rescue, Inc. would like to remind pet owners of the need to pay extra attention to the safety and comfort of their pets before, during and after any Fourth of July celebrations. As the holiday rapidly approaches, there are a few precautions a pet owner can take to ensure that the celebration will be a happy one for both the pet and owner.

If possible, keep your pets inside. An animal's hearing is far more sensitive than a human's hearing. Keeping your pets indoors helps them to feel protected. The sound of a radio or TV can help mute the clamor of fireworks.

ID tags and licenses are your pets ticket home. Nothing frightens animals more than sudden loud noises and sharp explosions of fireworks. Animals have been known to jump fences, break through windows, or break their leash in a panic to escape the terror. It only takes a moment to check to make sure that the information on your pet's collar is up to date and legible. If your pet's tags have fallen off, replace them immediately. An animal ID tag can be purchased at most veterinarian offices, pet supply stores, or certain discount stores. Microchips, a permanent identification, are also available at your veterinarian's office.


Leave your pet at a boarding facility. If you will be out of town for the holiday, do not leave your pet unattended. It is well worth the expense and peace of mind to ensure that your pet will be safely waiting for you when you return.

In the event your pet does manage to escape, check your local veterinarian offices and the shelters in the surrounding areas. Post signs in your neighborhood with a photo of your pet. Remember your pet was frightened and may have fled beyond its normal, familiar territory.

July 5th is the busiest day of the year at animal shelters nationwide. Please don't let your pet become a statistic.

Kelli Darland, president

Central KY Boxer Rescue, Inc.


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