Garrard minister nabbed in sting

June 24, 2004|JULIE McGLOTHLIN

LANCASTER - A prominent Garrard County pastor was arrested Tuesday afternoon after he allegedly exposed himself to an undercover officer at a public restroom at Jacobson Park in Lexington.

The Rev. Everett Priddy, 57, pastor of Hyattsville Baptist Church on Ky. 52 east of Lancaster, has pleaded innocent to the indecent exposure charge.

Court documents state, "Subject exposed and manipulated (private part) in public rest room of Jacobson Park in front of an undercover officer. Subject knew or should have known his conduct was likely to cause an affront or an alarm."

Priddy has worked in various volunteer positions as well as pastoring Hyattsville Church for the past 16 years.

He declined to comment today on his arrest. "I have been advised by my attorney (David Thomas of Nicholasville) not to speak to anyone publicly about this case," said Priddy, reached by phone this morning at his home at the Hyattsville Baptist Church parsonage.


When asked about his status with the church, he said, "My church is very supportive."

His arrest has created shock in the small community. He is involved with the ministerial association and was central in developing the Up with Youth center. Jeannie Carrier, who also is involved with Up with Youth, said, "This does not involve the teen center."

Since 1999, Priddy has been the volunteer chaplain with the Garrard County Sheriff's Department. In this capacity "he goes out with us on like a death notification. He just assists us in different things we might need," said Sheriff Ronnie Wardrip.

In an interview with WLEX-TV on Tuesday, Wardrip said of the arrest, "It blew my mind. I just don't understand it. I've been a police officer for a long time, but it did really surprise me."

Priddy's wife, Linda, also works with the Garrard County Sheriff's Department as an administrative assistant.

Priddy's court date is set for sometime in the near future, according to Lt. William Henderson, who is in charge of the Vice/Alcoholic Beverage Unit of the Lexington Police Department.

"We've had complaints in the past about problems of sexual activity in the park," said Henderson.

Gerald Roberts, a Kentucky School Boards Association attorney, also was arrested in the Jacobson Park sting, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Staff Writer Herb Brock contributed to this report.

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