McDowell House board remembers Smith

June 24, 2004

Dear Editor:

Board members and staff at McDowell House join the family of Thomas W. Smith, retired president and chief executive officer of the Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center, in their sorrow over his departure from our daily lives.

Tom Smith exemplified the Christian ethics, compassion and steadfast determination that placed Doctor Ephraim McDowell in the highest esteem among all men living during Kentucky's early years.

Citizens of our beloved Bluegrass region have a lost true and vibrant champion of the people here in Central Kentucky - be they rich or poor, urban or rural and without regard to creed or color.


It is well known among his multitude of friends, that Tom Smith's love of his fellow man would stand him in good stead among leaders who helped bring Kentucky from a backwoods wilderness into the world prominence it has gained through their toil and courage.

Thomas W. Smith and Doctor Ephraim McDowell, while walking among the people of their respective generations, were each well known for their belief in Christ's promise of an everlasting life.

It is only fitting that as great as Doctor Ephraim McDowell was within his time, were he alive today he would, we believe, bow in gratitude and respect for a colleague of such character as Tom Smith.

All members of the McDowell House Board express their joint and several appreciation for Thomas W. Smith. Further, we convey our admiration for Tom to his wife, Malinda, and his sons, Greg, Brad and Brent. And still further, we urge each generation hence to know that Tom Smith's greatness for his modern age would have surely placed him among those whom we know were colleagues some 200 years ago of that extraordinary Kentucky physician, our Doctor Ephraim McDowell.

Carol Senn, executive director

Dr. Charles E. Martin, chairman

McDowell House


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