Net Xpress: In wake of Google's Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail change e-mail services

June 29, 2004|SHEILA J. CLARK

The battle of e-mail storage is under way, as most of the top Web-based mail services have decided to increase their storage limitations. In addition, some have chosen to go a step further and drop subscription fees to sweeten their pots.

The battle started in April when Google - a top search engine - introduced its new e-mail service, Gmail. Gmail, which offers Internet users 1GB of storage space, is free and searchable.

Shortly after Gmail's launch, the most popular Web-based mail services, including Yahoo and Hotmail, have decided to follow suit with their own changes and join in to play the "one-up them" storage game.

Yahoo's changes gave users of their free service a substantial increase in storage. They now get 100MB instead of the previous 4MB. Users of Yahoo's paid services were upgraded to 2GB of storage and their yearly subscription rate was dropped from $29.99 to $19.99. Learn more about the Yahoo's free service. Learn more about its paid service.


Hotmail's upgrade will increase its free e-mail storage limits from 2MB to 250MB. In its revamp, Hotmail's paid e-mail service, which currently costs $19.95 a year, will get a name change to MSN Hotmail Plus and boost paid users up from 10MB to 2GB. Hotmail e-mail changes will go into effect by late summer. Read more.

It's hard to imagine which service will prevail in this battle for e-mail users, but e-mail users will be the true winners.

Spinning Webs

Danville artist Phnomphone "Paul" Sirimongkhon has launched Art World, which features his artistic creations. The site features an artist bio, an artist statement, galleries, studio tour, shows, news and contact information.

VoIP update

* Packet8 now offers Enhanced 911 as an optional service on both its personal and business phone service plans. The E911 service carries a small additional monthly fee of $3. Read more.

* Last week, two new Web sites were launched to help Internet users interested in voice over IP technology. SIP Hardware features SIP hardware solutions readily available and SIP Software offers information and links to SIP software solutions.

Hometown bargains

Our local Big Lots has a variety of computer cables in stock for unbelievable prices. Among the many cables it has are printer and firewire cables for only $1 each and USB 2.0 cables in a couple of varieties and sizes for $2.99. It also has modem cables and Cat5e network cables.

Linux update

The first-ever Linux-only retail store, has opened in Toronto, Canada. The store, which opened Saturday, features a wide range of Linux products and a full line of Linspire desktop and laptop computers and software. Learn more or visit the store's official site at It also has an online store for American customers.

Net buzzz

* The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has filed another round of lawsuits against online music traders. This round of lawsuits involves about 482 individuals, bringing the total to just over 3,400 individuals sued by the RIAA.

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