Centre soccer camp helps Lincoln players

June 30, 2004|JILL ERWIN

It took several fund-raisers and the suggestion of a couple of coaches, but there's a much larger Lincoln County presence at a much larger Centre College girls soccer camp this week.

Lincoln has 23 girls ranging in age from 10-18 at the camp because of encouragement from high school and middle school coaches.

"We don't really have a good fundamental base about soccer because not many of us have played for very long," Lincoln senior Kayla Albright said. "This is helping us improve on that a little bit, giving us more experience and helping us understand the game a little bit better. It will definitely help in the long run."

Thirteen girls from Lincoln are in the senior (high-school age) camp, while Lincoln also has 10 more in the junior (grades 5-8) camp, including four who played on the middle school team last year and helped with fund-raising for the camp.


Eighth-grader Megan Scott said the middle schoolers sold various items to raise the money for the camp enrollment fee. However, only four girls came to camp.

"Everybody said they were coming, and they'd already filled out the paperwork, but then they decided they weren't coming," Scott said. "We had enough money left over to pay for almost all of it."

It was Scott's first trip to the camp even though she's been playing soccer for four years. She said middle school coach Pam Gooch suggested the players attend to pick up more skills.

High school coach Wiley Faw made the same recommendation, and his players followed through en masse.

Camp has 235 players

The 23 Lincoln players help make up the largest camp Centre women's soccer coach Gina Nicoletti has hosted. This year's camp has 235 players, 55 more than the previous high.

"I think the growth of this camp parallels the growth of soccer in this area," Nicoletti said. "We're starting to attract players from communities that are starting club teams, and I think this is a good camp for them to come to."

Faw coached the Lincoln boys team that attended the camp several years ago, and he saw an immediate improvement in skills. Senior Haley Reed said that's why Faw directed them to the camp.

"It's a lot of hard work, but it's really fun. We're learning a bunch of fundamental skills with our feet," Reed said.

Senior Kendra Burdine said the camp is helping build confidence in her footwork, and that the demonstrations and the lectures will help the Patriots in different ways.

"It's helping us out on the way we should play," Burdine said. "Before, we were just going off of what we would see. This has actually taught us what we're supposed to do. The nutrition class should also help me because I don't know anything about the time frame before I eat to when I play or what to eat."

Senior Amber Jones said having 13 girls here, learning the same technique, will help the players bond together.

"We'll probably be closer with these people because we've learned all this together," Jones said. "The 13 of us will know more techniques than the rest of the team."

Lincoln recently started a team for girls younger than 14, and the rec league programs are growing. Albright said the earlier start along with the camp shows a bright future to the Patriots' program.

"It will definitely strengthen it," Albright said. "I'd never played before my freshman year, so I had to learn from the very beginning when I was older. Now we're getting some freshmen who have been playing since they were three years old. We're definitely strengthening the program."

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