Wrestlers and rivalry bring smiles at Garrard fair

July 01, 2004|EMILY BURTON

Cotton candy highs and a healthy dose of competition fueled wide smiles at the Garrard County Fair Wednesday night. That, and large men in spandex shorts.

Bad to the Bone wrestlers took cocky strides among their fans, some billed as "every wife's dream, every husband's nightmare," by the announcer.

"Simon says, who sucks now?" said Simon after pummeling his opponent with an opportunistic briefcase.

For some, the spirit of rivalry was fueled not by jeers but batteries and four plastic wheels. Competitors in the power wheels derby drove with consternation plain on their small faces, each angling for the coveted first-place trophy.

Some had been preparing all day for the starting whistle, others since January.

"I washed my car," said Kayla Hockensmith of her race day preparations. She had been practicing power wheels driving in her parents' basement since her January birthday. Kayla's pink Barbie Jeep would come in first that night, its purple wheels churning up the lime-lined track.


Garrard County Little Miss Kiely Brockman didn't win in her John Deere tractor, but it was never really about winning anyway. For Little Miss 2004, speed was its own reward.

"'Cause I like to race all the time," she explained.

"I think we need to get a faster tractor," said her mom, Lynette Brockman, as she re-crowned her daughter after the race.

Yep, battery power usually determines the winner said derby official Don Martin. But even if they leave without a trophy and five-dollar prize, "The kids enjoy it, and we've had a lot of response from the parents," said Martin.

Parents of the fair's Tiny Miss 2004, Elliot Montgomery, and Garrison Montgomery were all smiles as they wandered from the race back toward the Fun Slide. Both siblings had left with a trophy for tough wins on a John Deere Gator and a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

"We're starting our trophy collection at an early age," said mother Kelly Montgomery.

And next year's race? Precocious blue eyes sparkled as Elle shrugged off a maybe. It was hard to look beyond the impending thrill of the Fun Slide, but she's not ruling it out, said Elliott.

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