Danville girls are adjusting to new coach

July 01, 2004|JILL ERWIN

The Danville girls are back at the Centre College Girls Soccer Camp, but something is different.

This time the Admirals are preparing for a season with a new coach, the first time any of the current players have had to deal with that.

Mike Lauer took over as head coach after Marty Sullivan resigned following last season. Sullivan had coached the Danville team since its inception, and the players say there’s a definite difference between the two coaches.

"They're just different," senior Alex Meckes said. "Coach Sullivan was more laid back, and coach Lauer is a lot more work-all-the-time, a workaholic."


Lauer was an assistant on last year's staff, observing the players and helping coach the team. But now it's his ship, and sophomore McKenzie McAfee said last year's experience will help both sides with the adjustment.

"It makes it easier because he knows what our pros and cons are and he can really help us out one-on-one, if you need him to, with certain things," McAfee said.

They are impressed with his work ethic

The girls have been impressed with Lauer's work ethic. They said he is constantly trying to work with them to improve their skills.

Lauer has also implemented a weightlifting program, and both Meckes and McAfee said that should help the Ads in the coming season.

"He's really trying to make us better with a lot of new activities and new assessments," Meckes said. "We've done a lot of weightlifting and different skills drills that we haven't done before."

"I think with the weightlifting, and him trying to tell us how to eat, I think he's making us a better athlete," McAfee said.

Lauer is on vacation this week, since it's the dead period, and is not working at the Centre camp. But the players say his expectations are anything but a vacation.

McAfee said Lauer is a driven coach.

"He's really demanding and he wants your 110 percent and the team tries to give it to him," McAfee said.

"He's determined to win and he doesn't put up with anybody's laziness," senior Julie Johnson said.

He has doctorate degree

While he may be very serious about the team improving, Lauer is capable of joking around. But the fact he has a doctorate degree and works as a chemistry teacher at Danville sometimes comes through.

"He's funny at times, but his jokes are kind of scientific," Johnson said.

The players are looking forward to a successful season. The Admirals will have a team loaded with seniors and freshmen, providing both experience and youthful enthusiasm.

The Ads hope Lauer's hard work and intense sideline ways push to them to the 14th Region Tournament for the first time in three years.

"The last two years we haven't gone anywhere in district," Meckes said. "Maybe we'll get through and get to region. We're working a lot harder."

"I think we're going to do really good this year," Johnson said. "We have tons of seniors coming back and that's pretty much most of our starting group.

"There's a huge group of freshmen, and they've been playing select and middle school soccer together for a long time. Everybody is very well experienced, so we should have a good year."

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