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July 04, 2004

Miss Mary Smiley has accepted a salesman position with the Standard Sewing Machine Co. of Cleveland to travel through the central and western portions of Kentucky. She was with the Singer Sewing Machine people for several years, and later had charge of the machine department of Freeman Furniture Co.

H. Clay Bottoms, one of Boyle County's most prominent traders, went to Stanford to sell some butcher cattle and collect for some he sold a few days earlier. While in Stanford, he cashed a $180 check at one of the banks. He reached the covered bridge spanning Hanging Fork at dark and was halted by two highwaymen. One grabbed his horse and leveled a revolver at him while the other one threw a cocked shotgun in his face and demanded money. He handed over all his valuables and hurried to alert police of the robbery.

The ladies of the Women's Christian Temperance Union are preparing their annual box to be sent to the school at Hindman in Knott County. They need contributions of second-hand clothing, books, towels, sheets and money. Anyone wanting to contribute should send articles to Mrs. Ed Flaig.


J.B. Willis, manager of the Crab Orchard Springs, says the hotel is having its best season in 10 years. Large numbers of guests are arriving and there should be 500 sign in before the end of the month. The town is pleased that Crab Orchard is regaining its old-time prestige.

Lincoln County residents are stirred up about developing hidden resources. A genuine granite and marble mine was discovered in the Dix River cliffs about three months ago by Joe F. Waters. An analysis showed it to be the finest quality. A company with $20,000 capital was organized. The Stanford Granite and Marble Co. is filling orders for tombstones and monuments. Iron and ores have been found in another section of Lincoln County and many men have been put to work. Farmers can be seen all over the county with picks and shovels in search of valuable minerals.

Masters J.C. and Bland Ballard entertained the Golden Star Mission Band of the Christian church at a Fourth of July picnic in the little grove of maples in their father's yard. A tent was decorated with bunting and flags. Ices and cakes were served. A phonograph, fireworks and games provided amusement.

75 years ago - 1929

Many people called the local banks hoping to be among the first to secure some of the new and smaller currency that has been issued by the federal government. They were disappointed when the new money did not arrive in the morning, but it came in by noon and the banks were well supplied. The change in currency is the first made the government since 1861. The change is expected to reduce the cost of materials, printing and storage.

An investigation will be made of an airplane wreck that occurred near Hall's Gap. A photo was made with J.W. Isham and R.J. Shores, Danville aviators, standing near the ruins of the plane. The plane struck a tree in attempting to land, killing the pilot, Albert Miles. Isham recently failed in an attempt to land a plane in the field at Hall's Gap, but maneuvered his plane back to a safe altitude. Miles, a Cincinnati pilot, was burned to death after his plane his the tree and fell 75 feet over a cliff.

Few of the present office holders will face opposition for the Democratic nomination. No Republican ticket will be formed. J. Curtis Alcock, who was elected to represent Boyle County in the state legislature in 1928, will face opposition. He is opposed by J. Watt Brown, who lives on the Hustonville Pike and John A. Coulter of Parksville. Cabell Huguely, county tax commissioner, will face George H. Hocker of Parksville. Coroner J. Walker Cozatt faces DeWitt C. Tucker, Rev. J.W. Edwards and Joe Hogue.

50 years ago - 1954

An itemized report on the recent chest X-ray survey in Boyle County showed that out of 3,276 people receiving a free X-ray, 3,155 were found to be negative for tuberculosis. The remaining 121, there were 24 so-called suspicious cases, which usually prove to be beginning tuberculosis. Three cases were diagnosed as possible lung cancer. A 17-year-old girl was discovered to have tuberculosis and she had no symptoms. People with the disease are waiting for a bed at Hazelwood sanitarium or have been isolated at home.

The number of registered voters in Boyle County totals 9,350. There are 7,398 Democrats, 1,882 Republicans and 70 Independents. The 23 precincts included Grant Street, Park Place, West Walnut and South Third Street.

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