Danville-Boyle planning and zoning raises fees

July 08, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

It will cost more to post a temporary sign, change zoning, register a junk yard and get a home occupation permit.

Danville-Boyle County Planning and Zoning Commission voted to raise fees Wednesday, some by more than double. The new fees will be charged beginning Monday.

Fees haven't been raised since 1996. Funds from local governments have not increased, but costs have.

"Every year we've squeezed it out, but this year there was just no way," P&Z Chairman Pete Coyle said. Raising fees "takes the burden off the taxpayer and puts it on the user."

The most common permits, signs and the minimum zoning permit fee, were doubled to $50.

Many permit prices have doubled, including those for demolition, sign and zoning. Most of the application submittal fees were raised 60 percent.


On the zoning permit fee, residents in Danville will notice a larger bump. Because the city hasn't passed its new P&Z ordinance the fees for a zoning permit on a deck, porch, swimming pool, garage or storage building were 5 cents per square foot. Other places in the county it was 7 cents. It will now be 12 cents.

For commercial or industrial zoning permits in Danville, the price was 10 cents a square foot. Other places it was 12 cents. It will now be 16 cents.

For more information or to see a copy of the new fee schedule, call 238-1235.

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