Police News for July 9

July 09, 2004

Burglary reported in Danville

Danville police are investigating a burglary that occurred Monday at a residence at 145 N. Fourth St. John Harris told police someone forced their way into his apartment and took cash.

Man charged after allegedly firing shots

LANCASTER - Late on the Fourth of July, David A. Hale allegedly came out of his apartment at 45 Public Square firing a gun after mistaking fireworks for gunshots.

Witnesses told Lancaster police Sgt. Willie Skeens that Hale came out of Apartment B about 11 p.m., pointed his gun at a vehicle, and then raised it to his side, firing near a 29-year-old woman and her 13-year-old son.


When Skeens arrived on the scene, Hale had returned to his apartment. Skeens identified himself as a police officer and ordered Hale to come out. Hale came out with a loaded .44 caliber handgun, police said. Skeens drew his weapon and advised Hale to put the gun down. Hale paused and went back inside before returning again with the gun in hand, police said.

Skeens continued to ask Hale to put the gun down, but Hale responded by going back into the apartment. The standoff continued until Hale placed the gun down in the hall of the apartment, after which Skeens arrested him, police said.

The charges against Hale are carrying a concealed weapon and three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment.

Man accused of pointing gun at officer

LANCASTER - A domestic dispute Saturday involving weapons ended after Lancaster police officer Allen Weston knocked a gun from the hands of Malcolm Patten.

Weston and Garrard County Deputy Sheriff Brandon Conley were responding to a domestic dispute at 2428 Wolf Trail where they found Patten outside. As Weston approached, Patten pointed a .45 caliber Colt gun at the officer's chest, Weston alleged in his report.

Weston said he knocked the gun from Patten's hand, but Patten reached for another weapon, a .38 caliber gun. The two struggled for a "brief minute" before Weston took the weapon and threw it up on the bank, the report said.

Patten then said he "wished he had killed me," according to the officer's report.

The charges against Patten are two first-degree counts of wanton endangerment against a police officer and one count of terroristic threatening.

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