Harrodsburg hospital opening new wing

July 09, 2004|ANN R. HARNEY

HARRODSBURG - One area of the new wing of James B. Haggin Memorial Hospital already is in use, even though it officially opens at 7 a.m. Monday.

A tour Thursday could not include the room that houses the new open MRI machine because it was serving a patient.

The new $6.5 million wing will host a grand opening at 1 p.m. Saturday. Public tours will begin at 4 p.m.

The project is ahead of schedule. Hospital CEO Earl Motzer said in March 2003 that construction was expected to take 18 months. He said September was the goal, but it might be finished sooner, and he was correct.


Motzer was found leading a group of people through the new facility Thursday afternoon.

Barbara Newby, outpatient surgery nurse, showed off some of the new features that have been added to the hospital. It is not just rooms that are new, but most of the equipment, too.

Kandi Steele, the emergency room coordinator, said equipment in her department that is not brand new has been purchased within the last two years.

"Everything's new, even the things that are not here yet," Newby said about the Surgery Department. Three more spacious operating rooms replace two in the old wing.

"You could play basketball in there," Newby said about one new operating room. One OR is especially designed for orthopedic procedures and has an airflow system to reduce airborne contaminants.

The recovery room where Newby will work will hold three beds. The old area held two beds, but in a space about a third the size of the new one, she said. Newby also will be working in an expanded pre-operative area of four beds.

Officials expect more business in new surgical areas

Newby said the old recovery room rarely had more than one person in it at a time, but officials expect more business in the new surgical areas. She said two orthopedic surgeons from Frankfort will work in the new Haggin wing, and she said urologists from Danville will do surgery at Haggin now that new equipment is available to them.

There is an added room for endoscopy, a new anesthesia department, and dressing rooms, one for men and one for women, have lockers, and large showers. Rooms where doctors will get ready for surgery are also new. There's a room just for dirty laundry.

The Emergency Department has seven beds and four have designated uses. There is a trauma room, an observation/isolation room, a cardiac room, a pediatric room and three open areas. Added are a decontamination area, a private consultation room and a triage area.

This expanded ER replaces one with two beds, according to hospital board member Bill Randolph.

"We are happy to provide this enhanced level of services to the citizens of our community," Motzer said in a press release.

Enhanced, indeed. In addition to the MRI, the new imaging department has a new X-ray room, a new multi-slice CT scanner and a new C-arm for surgical procedures requiring real time imaging. There are rooms to develop film and a room where doctors can read the images.

"It's the bigness of it that astounds me," said Randolph. All of these new rooms are housed on the first floor of the new structure. The second floor eventually will provide more hospital beds, but that was not done in the project, Randolph said.

For this $6.5 million project, $1.5 million was raised through philanthropic endeavors, Motzer said in March 2003. The rest was obtained through outside financial entities.

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