Climate bill would send more jobs overseas

July 09, 2004

Dear Editor:

As the author of the letter to the editor that Dr. David Anderson refers to in his recent letter, I would like to respond to his ascertion that I would protect Kentucky's economy at the expense of the environment and that the Climate Stewardship Act is "important for our economy."

I do not know if Dr. Anderson has actually read the bill in question but I have. I can only conclude that the bill is simply another huge bureaucratic quagmire that is not based on sound scientific evidence but portends to save us all from the horrors of greenhouse gas emissions for political purposes. In fact, greenhouse gas emission is the only thing this bill addresses, not "climate stewardship."

Hardly deserving of its name, this bill arbitrarily assigns quotas to companies involved in certain industries that produce greenhouse gases, or, like the petroleum industry, produce products that when consumed can produce greenhouse gases.


The biggest problem with this bill is that it includes funding for research to try to prove the claim that greenhouse gases are causing global warming. The bill's sole purpose is to put restrictions on American industry while at the same time admitting that the proof to justify these restrictions doesn't even exist. If the proof is there, why does the bill set aside millions of dollars for further research?

Just this week, new research into ice core samples combined with data of sunspot activity indicates that global warming as well as global cooling has been going on for at least 400 years - long before American Industry began killing the planet. The fact is that we simply don't have the data to support the claims that industry is harming our climate. At the most, you can say that greenhouse gases may cause a small amount of change to the environment but that is change, not harm.

The evidence that we do have is that our planet has always had a changing climate and an enormous capacity to survive. Humans have survived enormous climate changes in the short amount of time we have been around, and we have been responsible for none of them.

To put arbirary restrictions on American Industry that do not apply to other countries will impede our ability to compete in the global marketplace.

It will cause gas prices to go even higher due to the direct impact on the petroleum industry, and people will lose jobs as it gets even cheaper to conduct business outside of this country in the Third World countries that don't self-impose these same restrictions.

The only job creation that will go on will be government jobs that will be created to monitor these regulations, impose fines on companies that violate them and conduct research to try to justify these new positions.

America will suffer, jobs will be lost, more of your hard-earned money will be siphoned off to Washington and the climate will keep on changing, just as it always has.

Stephen Knight


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