Meeting to be held on Forkland Center project

July 16, 2004|EMILY TOADVINE

Forkland Community Center received disappointing news this week about $250,000 it expected to receive to make repairs to the building, but maybe better news is around the corner.

Mike Goins, spokesperson for the state Transportation Cabinet, says a meeting is planned with representatives of Forkland Community Center.

"It's one of the top projects we have and we are going to work with the folks at Forkland Community Center to come up with a solution," he says, explaining that the state will talk with federal administrators of the Transportation Enhancement Act funds that that the center expected to receive.

Forkland's $250,000 grant application is one of 174 requests that the state Department of Transportation received for projects all across Kentucky.

Goins says the meeting date and location have not been set.

Goins says the federal government decides who gets the money. "We are the conduit for the program. We don't make decisions for where that money goes or who gets what. Federal government says you can send this money to project A or B."


The community thought it had the green light for the project after Gov. Paul Patton came to the community and delivered an oversized cardboard check to the center. "I can't speak on the prior administration," Goins says.

Goins was not sure about the timeframe for the federal government to decide which projects will be funded.

"There has not been a set deadline in the past. We are working on that to change that."

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