Coach Ed Rall deserved better treatment

July 16, 2004

Dear Editor:

Coach Ed Rall deserved better treatment from Centre College.

Those responsible for his termination did not adhere to the interpretation of the golden rule: "Treat others only in ways that you're willing to be treated in the same exact situation."

I feel certain they would not think it fair to be told on a Tuesday that you were to resign your position and be out of your office by Friday.

This treatment after 16 years of faithful, loyal service to his alma mater is an injustice. A feeble attempt to allow Coach Rall to remain at Centre in some capacity turned out to be an embarrassment - full-time job commitment on a part-time salary.


Centre College has always prided itself on being a first-class institution. I believe Centre has dropped the ball in this situation.

Joe McDaniel

Retired Centre football coach and athletic director


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