McKinney considers move to Boyle

July 16, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

Ed McKinney has a heavy decision, and he's not going to rush to make it.

He knows that some people will be unhappy regardless of his choice. Long-time friends won't understand if he chooses one way, and people on the other side will wonder why he didn't want to join them.

This is what happens when you're debating going from Danville to Boyle County.

The former Danville boys basketball coach said he has been offered the boys basketball job at Boyle County.

Two years ago, McKinney resigned from the Danville job, stating he wanted to spend more time with his family. His wife, Deb, had just had the couple's third child and he wanted to be home more with the children.

But walking away wasn't as easy as he thought it would be.

"Coaching (basketball) is something I missed more than I thought I would," McKinney said. "I thought I was ready to give that up, but when you give it up you realize it's a bigger part of you than I thought it was. One of the reasons I miss it so much is because I had such a great experience at Danville doing it.


"I want to get back in it. I think that Boyle County is obviously a great situation. They have expressed an interest in me. When they express an interest in you from a place that I think is a good place to be a coach, that means you have to consider it."

McKinney has spent his entire 14-year teaching career in the Danville system. He coached the boys basketball team to a 104-96 record in seven seasons. His first team was 6-22, but the Admirals improved to 19-12 just three seasons later and went 23-8 with a trip to the 12th Region finals in his last season, 2001-02.

He would replace Boyle graduate Andy Moberly, who resigned after a 47-37 record over three years with the Rebels.

McKinney is currently Danville's cross country coach, and was present at Thursday's practice. No specific teaching job has been paired with the coaching position, and McKinney said he doesn't know what he would teach if he were to accept the job.

McKinney said he is counting on his family to help him make his decision.

"My family is like me. They have mixed feelings about it," McKinney said. "They realize what a great opportunity it is to coach at Boyle: We would get to stay in this area and be in a very good system. But on the other hand, Danville is the only place I've ever been and I know how this is going to be interpreted. Regardless of how it goes, people won't understand the decision one way or the other. But it's a great opportunity, no question about it."

Boyle athletics director Jim Spears said the coaching job has been offered to a candidate, but declined to say if it was McKinney. He did acknowledge that time was of the essence.

"The job has been offered, it's just a matter of an individual choosing to accept it or not," Spears said. "Yes, we would like to have this done (today). But if we need to wait until Monday to finish it up, then we will.

"The timing hs been tough for coaches because it is so late in July. It has created some dynamics in the serach that we would not have had had we been searching back in the spring."

McKinney said he's not trying to make things more difficult for Spears and others at Boyle.

But he does say he owes it to himself and his family to make the right decision.

"It's something that needs to be taken care of soon," McKinney said. "I'm not intentionally dragging out the process, but I am doing what I can to make sure I'm doing the right thing or what I think is the best thing."

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