Around Town: Advocate Brass Band plays for top brass

July 19, 2004|ANNABEL GIRARD

The Advocate Brass Band kicked off the Fourth of July celebration at the U.S. Embassy in Greece before a stellar crowd.

The post card the newsroom received from reporter Brenda Edwards said, "The July 4 bash at Embassy was one of a kind. All the top brass and politicians were there, and so were we!"

Elizabeth Corwin, press officer at the embassy, said about 3,000 people were present at the reception hosted by Ambassador Thomas J. Miller and his wife, Bonnie. "This was their final 4th of July reception in Greece so they wanted it to be extra special."

Miller leaves the position in December.

The "top brass" included the prime minister of Greece, Costas Karamanlis, as well as the archbishop, businessmen, people involved in the Olympics, journalists, cultural figures and members of parliament.


Corwin's job kept her so busy she was never at a place where she could enjoy the concert, but she was keeping an eye on the event.

"I was delighted to see guests sitting down and listening, not just drinking their drinks and chatting over the music."

The band returned from its two-week tour Friday afternoon. The trip also took them to Italy and Germany. In Germany, there was a reunion with the Franconian Harmonics, which appeared at this year's Great American Brass Band Festival.

Actors search for hot water

You wash my back and I'll wash yours.

Last weekend, the outdoor drama in Harrodsburg ran into a problem. There was no hot water for showers. So Mike Tuttle, director, looked to another outdoor drama -- in Danville.

Tuttle of "Daniel Boone: the Man and the Legend" found Holly Henson of Pioneer Playhouse quite willing to share hot water.

While the source was available, in the end, the actors at Fort Harrod decided to make do in Harrodsburg instead of driving to Danville and back near midnight. Tuttle said the Daniel Boone drama goes later than playhouse offerings and actors opted to shower at houses in Harrodsburg or just go with the cold water.

A gas leak around the hot water heater was the culprit. However, the equipment was so old new parts wouldn't solve the problem, and the heater had to be replaced, which took a few days.

The actors endured, as did the people who opened their homes and their showers. Maybe the actors decided this was just a touch of realism that would put them more in tune with the pioneers they were portraying. I doubt Daniel even had the benefit of a good, ol' washtub.

Pet Peeve

Trash in the yard is one thing, but when you're getting your mail and get hit by litter thrown from a passing car, it's beyond aggravating.

That happened to one reader recently. A bag of leavings from a fast-food lunch pitched from a car scattered over her front yard. She had her back turned to the road as she reached into her mailbox. A cup or something from the litter bounced against the back of her head.

Needless to say, it didn't take the summer sun to heat up the reader that day.

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