Net Xpress: Lovgate worm returns in new mutation

July 19, 2004|SHEILA J. CLARK

New mutations of the Lovgate worm are circulating on the Internet. The worm originated back in February 2003. The worm is causing its destruction via an old Windows vulnerability once used by the MSBlast worm.

Lovgate spreads via e-mail, so your safest protection is to not open any e-mail attachments. Once a system is infected, Lovgate e-mails itself to every e-mail address it finds on the computer. Lovgate also creates a back door, so that a hacker can, at a later date, gain remote control of the system.

One of the worst parts of Lovgate's destructive nature is that it replaces the system's executable files. The files end with the .exe extension and this action ultimately renders a computer bootable.

To learn more about the Lovgate worm, go to To download a removal tool visit

MSN Live chat events

July 19: Recording artist Ashlee Simpson chats at 7 p.m. Go to


Patch alert

* A flaw recently was found in the Mozilla Web browser that could allow a computer user's system to be taken over. Mozilla quickly patched the flaw, which was caused by the browser's external protocol handler. This handler is the one that decides which external program should be launched when a certain file extension is presented. The flaw only affects systems running Windows operating systems while using one of the Mozilla, Firefox or Thunderbird Web browsers. Linux and Macintosh users are not affected. Learn more or download the patch at

VoIP update

* Packet8 now is offering Local Number Portability to its customers, which allows them the option to keep their landline phone numbers by having them transferred to Packet8.

* StanaPhone is offering two new services. One of its new services is called StanaCard, the first calling card with speed-dial capabilities. The SmartDial features of the StanaCard service allows those who place international calls the ease of dialing an international call as if it were a local call. Learn more about StanaCard at

The other new service StanaPhone is offering is the use of VoIP hardware with its service. Computer headsets are the most commonly used but now StanaPhone users can use Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA) and/or USB Phones with the service. Use of these hardware devices makes the voice quality during VoIP calls clearer. Read more about the hardware at

* As of July 7, Vonage allows its customers to use seven-digit dialing within the area code of their Vonage phone number. Read more at

* SIPphone has a few new offerings. First off, a Mac OS X version of its Xten SIP software phone has been released. Download it at The company is offering new SIP Handsets for use with its service. Learn more at And finally, it is offering new hardware for power users called the FX-200 SIP Port Converter. Read more about it at

Net buzzz

* Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), will be delayed a month longer than previously announced. SP2 is now scheduled to be released in August.

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