Danville needs a downtown grocery store

July 19, 2004

Dear Editor:

There is no longer a grocery store in downtown Danville, Kentucky. In practical terms, this means that the many people living within a mile of the flowers and fountain at Weisiger Park must travel by car to purchase their groceries.

Now, in any ordinary definition of a town we associate things like a courthouse, a restaurant, or a service station.

We are entitled to say that without such places a town could not be said to exist.

This is certainly true for a supermarket: without a supermarket a town is incomplete and ill-defined.

Many citizens of Danville hope this situation is temporary.

We hope that city officials continue to turn their thoughts to attracting a grocery store to our downtown.

The alternative is for us to grow slowly and inevitably accustomed to what has been, in fact, a great loss.

Ken Keffer


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