Kerry can help to heal a wounded nation

July 19, 2004

Dear Editor:

We now know who will oppose George W. Bush and Dick Cheney in November. What a welcome breath of fresh air for the political climate of this nation. John Kerry and John Edwards will be a most welcome change. I, for one, am sick of the Bush administration, with all of its foolish mistakes and utter failures. I get so angry when Mr. Bush insults my intelligence with his pure propaganda. I'm fed up with the war mentality of Bush.

My heart is broken to know that more than a thousand of our young men and women have died in Iraq. And for what? To "liberate" a nation of people who hate us? Some 80 percent of the Iraqi people do not want us in Iraq. And some 40 percent of them want Saddam set free! And yet Bush has forced these young Americans into war, to die, to "liberate" a nation of people with that type of attitude toward us. Why? And Bush alone is responsible for their deaths.


I'm fed up with Bush spending $4.7 billion a month in Iraq. I'm angry that Bush now has our nation over $500 billion in debt with no end in sight.

I'm so sick of the arrogant and bully attitude that Bush displays to the world. More of the world now hates us than ever before. With his continued arrogance, Bush has placed every American in peril around the world.

I'm sick of hearing the Bush administration lie about how great our economy is doing, and about the thousands of new jobs that have been created. Everyone I know is in a real struggle just to survive. With all of these "new" jobs, why has the national unemployment rate remained at 5.6 percent to 6 percent for many months now?

The question in November will be: Do we want more of the same - or worse - under Bush? Or do we want a fresh and new approach to so many of our problems? A chance to renew and revitalize our nation? A chance to make an effort to seek new friends in the world and not create new enemies?

Bush has had his chance. He blew it. It's time to pass the torch to a real leader. John Kerry deserves a chance. And I am willing to give him that chance. Our nation is wounded. I believe John Kerry can help to heal that wound.

Roger. D. Bowman


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