Walking horses return to Boyle fair after 15-year absence

July 19, 2004|MIKE MARSEE

There is no shortage of walking horses in this area, and there are plenty of owners and trainers who travel near and far to show their horses week after week.

But for the past 15 years, Boyle County-based horsemen had no chance to show their horses at home.

That changed Friday night when the Boyle County Fair staged its first walking horse show in 15 years. And it was a welcome change for local trainers.

"I love it," Danville-based trainer Walt Bruner said. "And we need it. It's a big help to all of us. We've got four or five stables right here in a 10-mile radius, and it's good for all of us."

Horse shows have been part of the Boyle fair for years, but the last walking horse show was held in 1989.


Other types of shows have filled the ring at the Boyle fairgrounds, and they still do. Hunt and western shows were held Saturday, and a pleasure horse show is scheduled for today. But Mary Ann Lancaster, one of the organizers of Friday's show, said there was room for walking horses, too.

"We have the perfect place here and we went to the fair board and sold them on starting a walking horse program again," said Lancaster, a horse owner who lives in Hustonville and works in Danville. "We wanted to see the walking horse brought back to the Danville area."

There were plenty to be seen Friday, as the show drew a total of 141 entries in its 27 classes.

"It's a little bigger than what I thought it would be," said Travis Wiley, another Danville trainer.

Show officials started spreading the word last winter that the show would be returning to the Boyle fair, and local horsemen were immediately receptive.

"I told them I'd support it any way I could," Wiley said.

"They were all very excited about having a show," Lancaster added.

The show affiliated itself with the Kentucky Walking Horse Association and was listed in that organization's show directory, effectively advertising the date to horsemen statewide. But local trainers said it was especially critical that they support a local show trying to establish itself.

"It's very important," said Bob McQuerry, whose stable sits just north of the Boyle-Mercer county line.

McQuerry said it was also important for those from Boyle County who own horses.

"You have a lot of folks that own horses here, and they like to show at home," he said.

There are established walking horse shows in several nearby cities, including Harrodsburg, Lancaster, Liberty and Stanford, but Bruner said there's certainly room for another.

"I think it'll get bigger," Bruner said. "People like this area, and they like the show. I think it'll be a top show."

And Wiley said it's also nice not to have to travel for a change.

"We drove two hours last weekend, and we'll drive two hours next weekend," he said.

Not only do the local trainers get a break on their travel time, but they said they also like the venue.

"It's about as nice a grounds as we go to," McQuerry said.

So nice, Lancaster said, that it's hard to believe that it had been 15 years since the last show.

"It's almost like coming back home again," she said.

Walking Horse Show results

Amateur country pleasure - 1. Taking Care of Cash, Greta Potter; 2. Ima Stonewall, Jamie Tucker; 3. Gen's Match Maker, Alicia Mills.

Juvenile 11 & under walking - 1. Pushover's Prime Time, Andrew Lasure; 2. Call Me Hytone, Rose Hercherueder; 3. Nite Magic, Todd Miller.

Open plantation pleasure (no canter) - 1. Sweepstakes Jubilee, Kris Hockensmith; 2. JFK's Score, John Mucci; 3. Coined by Sally, Tyler Oliver.

2-year-old walking open - 1. Two Gun Silver Dollar, Donnie May; 2. Demands Design, Kevin Bailey; 3. I'm A Sports Star, Chad Sharp.

Walking yearling open - 1. Prescription For Blue, Vanassa Crowe; 2. Generators Scooby Doo, Dwane Carney; 3. Big Joe Polka, Lisa Massie.

KWHA ladies auxiliary (no canter) - 1. Suit to A.T., Dana Pitcock; 2. My Lucky Colors, Tracy Stratton.

Novice amateur walking (no canter) - 1. Rythm's Double Deal, Lewis Judd; 2. Timed Event, Donna Bray; 3. Cashew, Diana Vallandingham.

Amateur owned & trained (no canter) - 1. Magic Sawbriar, Cassie Sowder; 2. Commands Party Doll, Andy Scott; 3. Pushin Melody, Jimmy Floyd.

4-year-old amateur walking - 1. Silver Polish, Lorraine Meyer; 2. Ella Bleau, Laurie Herchenroeder; 3. Rave Some More, Sherri Ward.

Juvenile 17 & under walking (no canter) - 1. Third Generation, Nick Reed; 2. Trial Run, Alicia Mills.

3-year-old amateur walking - 1. I'm Clark Kent, Kathy Fisher; 2. Fonzie, Andrea Sutton; 3. Pushing Pacman, Susie Carter.

Performance pleasure - 1. Mark's Remarkable, Walt Bruner; 2. Maggie May of Grassland, Brenda Durham; 3. Prides Walkabout, Travis Wiley.

2-year-old amateur walking - 1. Romeo's Midnight Star, Jessica Smoot; 2. Luck of the Irish, Sherri Ward; 3. Sky Watchers October, Ralph Bodlitt.

Walking weanling open - 1. Ice Blue Lady Threat, Cora Louis; 2. Awesome Magic, Vanessa Crowe; 3. Our Royal Princess, Denise Calhoun.

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