You can have your pie at the Boyle County Fair

July 20, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

Stoney Kissick is the best pie-eater in all of Boyle County.

He took the blue ribbon with a face full of pumpkin filling.

Matt Shepherd, the state watermelon-eating champion, was a close second, finishing up with a lemon meringue goatee.

Rep. Mike Harmon, R-Junction City, was way behind, throwing away his Atkins diet, he had his nose in a chocolate meringue.

"Politics can be messy," Harmon said.

It was one of many one-liners the politician had for bystanders.

The three men were dug up by organizer Sueticia Sutton after no one showed up to participate. Kissick, who was working the rodeo, and Shepherd, working with special events, answered the call with serious appetites.

"I want a slurper," Kissick said, trying to choose a pie he could suck down.

Sutton tied a plastic table cloth around Shepherd to help him stay clean - it didn't work. He was soon covered from his eyebrows down to his chin. Then, with about 30 seconds to go, Kissick reached over and put a dollop of pie in Shepherd's curly hair. Maybe it threw him off his game. Maybe there is a world of difference between eating pie and chowing down on melon, but he took second despite his valiant effort.


Harmon's slow-and-steady approach just didn't cut it. He walked away with third place, but he said it was fun.

That's what fair-time's all about. As the men sipped their well-deserved cups of ice water, the announcer summed it up for the crowd, "Just good 'ole family fun here at the Boyle County Fair."

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