Boyle magistrate unable to serve

July 21, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

Boyle County Magistrate Martin G. Curtis is in a local nursing home, and has missed nine consecutive fiscal court meetings.

There are no plans at this time to replace him.

Magistrates can vote to replace a colleague if they've missed two consecutive meetings without cause. County Judge-Executive Tony Wilder said that Curtis has a medical excuse.

"It's a gray area for us," Wilder said today in a telephone interview. "There's always that possibility that his condition could improve and he could come back. I have not been advised recently of his condition."

Curtis signed paperwork to give his niece, Judy Davis of Stanford, power of attorney on April 16, according to records in the courthouse.


Asked about her 77-year-old uncle Tuesday, Davis said she had "no comment."

Curtis serves District 1 that includes the West Perryville, East Perryville, Mitchellsburg, Parksville and Bluegrass precincts.

The county pays for each magistrate's health insurance and they receive $6,200 a year salary.

Wilder said that as judge he has stepped in to represent voters in Curtis' district. Because Wilder lives in that district he said it has always been understood by the people that they could call either Curtis or himself if they needed help.

"The district is being served," Wilder said.

The judge has not received word from Curtis in a while, but said he plans to contact him again soon, and then to advise the court of his condition.

"It's just one of those unique situations," Wilder said. "We are hopeful that he can come back."

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