Benefit performer knows 'compassion' of hospice

July 21, 2004|HERB BROCK

Larry Sanders gets a lot of joy from his hobby as a performer in a band. But at a performance scheduled for the last Saturday of this month, Sanders likely will experience something more, a sense of community service.

"I will be giving a little something back to an organization which has given so much to me and my family," said Sanders, whose daytime job is at Alexander and Royalty Funeral Home in Harrodsburg where he has long served as owner and funeral director.

On July 31 at the Boyle County Fairgrounds, Sanders' band, Larry Sanders and Borderline, will be one of two bands that will perform at a benefit for Heritage Hospice, which serves terminally-ill patients in Boyle, Garrard, Lincoln and Mercer counties.

Sanders' 10-member band performs a variety of music, including classic country, bluegrass, gospel and rock 'n roll. The other band is Hubcap and The Inmates, which specializes in old rock 'n roll.


According to Janelle Lane, executive director of the Danville-based hospice program, Sanders came to Lane and other program officials with the idea for the benefit concert because she said Sanders told her he had been "personally affected" by the program and "wanted to do something to help."

"Yes, I definitely have first-hand experience with hospice, specifically the Heritage Hospice program," Sanders said. "My mother, Gladys Sanders, was in hospice for several months until her death in September 2003, and my brother, Charles Sanders, is currently a client in the program.

"From my personal experiences, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the program and its dedicated nurses, assistants and other staff members," he said. "If possible, the clients can stay in their own homes, and there they receive excellent care from compassionate and caring people and can be surrounded by their family.

"I see this upcoming performance as an opportunity to thank an organization and staff that personifies compassion."

Actually, Sanders already has offered his "thanks" to the program and "given a little something back" to it. Not long ago, he joined the Heritage Hospice Community and Professional Advisory Committee.

"As a family member of two hospice clients, I have gotten to know a lot about the program," he said. "But as an advisory committee member, I not only have gotten to know even more about the program but also have been able to contribute some help to it."

Heritage Hospice has served about 300 clients over the last year in its four-county service area.

For more information about the benefit concert and Heritage Hospice, contact Larry Sanders at 800-928-3361 or Janelle Lane at (859) 236-2425 or 236-3367 (TTY).

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