Newspaper staff, politicians 'feuding' tonight at Boyle County Fair

July 22, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

(Editor's Note: The opinions expressed by the reporter here are not necessarily those of the newspaper. We understand she may have a taste for crow.)

A feud is brewing between the newspaper and local politicians - a fair feud.

Tonight at 8 p.m. five of the sharpest Advocate staff members will take on a group of loosely-organized politicians in the Boyle County rendition of Family Feud.

Our team is being led by the fearless Debbie Wagner, a legend in her own time. She is a runner, executive assistant to the publisher, an organizer and our loud, proud team captain.

Playing on the team are this reporter; Amanda Brannock, a page designer and trivia-queen; Clay Jackson, chief photographer and wit; and Larry Vaught, sports editor and prankster.


We have been a put-together bunch from the get-go. The other team is another story.

The line-up changes daily with some figures backing out and having ... ahem... "other commitments." I'm not saying they're afraid of us, but I think they are afraid of us.

So far on the team are Boyle County Judge-Executive Tony Wilder, Danville City Commissioner Jamey Gay and City Manager Darrell Blenniss.

Mayor John W.D. Bowling is sending Blenniss in his place.

Property Valuation Administrator Eddie Tamme has backed out. He wouldn't say why, but when I look at the sheer intelligence of our team I can't blame him.

County Clerk Denise Curtsinger will probably show up, but no one has confirmed her place on the team. State Rep. Mike Harmon, R-Junction City, showed some interest in playing, but no one has asked him either.

Why can't this group get their Ps and Qs together? Will they be able to match the newspaper's starring line-up?

No matter what happens it is guaranteed that a good time will be had by all. Go ahead, survey 100 people, they'd tell ya.

After this game the fair will open up the contest to families in the audience, so grab an aunt, uncle, niece and a second cousin twice removed, if need be, and play Boyle County Feud.

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