Weisiger going wireless

July 22, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

Weisiger will be wireless by Aug. 5.

Redwood Property Management is installing wireless Internet access for some of its properties downtown, including the Subway, Three Babes and a Monkey and the apartments above those restaurants. The extra bandwidth is being donated to the Federal Building, for the Community Arts Center, and Weisiger Park, in front of the courthouse.

Manager Charlie Raffay said, "We talk about downtown revitalization and now we're kind of putting our money where our mouth is to make it happen."

AT&T is installing the network.

To catch the hot spot, users will need:

* A laptop with a 802.11g wireless network card; 802.11b wireless cards will work, but AT&T advised users to upgrade to a “g” standard radio for higher bandwidth.


* To be in the vicinity of the Subway, Three Babes, Weisiger or the Arts Center.

* Scan for available nodes. “REDWOOD-PROPERTY-MANAGEMENT” will be the service set identifier (SSID).

* Select a node, usually the one with the highest signal strength.

* Select WEP security, 128-bit Encryption and enter the password, “REDWOOD-PROPERTY-MANAGEMENT.” It must be in all caps.

The company warned that no wireless system is 100 percent secure, and so users should be cautious about sending sensitive information over it, such as credit card information.

Raffay said that he and his partners are in business, and so offering the wireless to their tenants was the first consideration, but then they wanted to do something extra for the city.

"We live here and we wanted to make it a nicer place," he said.

City Manager Darrell Blenniss said that he believes the hot spot will attract people downtown.

"People can work on their lunch break or enjoy an afternoon in the park," he said. "It's great for downtown and great for downtown businesses."

The network is available to anyone. If you have trouble getting a connection:

* Make sure the wireless device is set to "Obtain IP Address Automatically."

* Check security settings. The computer must be set to use wired equivalent privacy (WEP) security at 128 bits.

* Check the password. It must be typed in exactly.

For more information, call Redwood at 236-8173.

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