Survey says Advocate staffers are fair feuders

July 23, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

(Editor's note: There has been no attempt to offer a fair and balanced account of these proceedings :-)

Those politicians put up a good... well, they put up a fight, anyway. The score was Advocates 369, Public Servants, 35.

The newspaper took on a menagerie of local politicians in the Boyle County Fair version of Family Feud.

We won the game, but we didn't get $20,000. Maybe in next year's budget, Judge Wilder?

We were hosted and kissed by WHIR's Rick Schoebel. A clever and worthy host if there ever was one.

The fair did a fine job of setting the stage. There were name tags, tables and bells. I'd say it was as close to Hollywood as any county fair ever got.

Debbie Wagner, our publisher's right-hand gal, led our fearless team into battle with those politicos. Sports Editor Larry Vaught carried us. He knew all the answers to the, "Name a famous figure in the Old West" question.


Who is Kit Carson? And wasn't Mae West a pinup girl?

Judge-Executive Tony Wilder kept trying to be the game show judge, but we had to remind him that he had no jurisdiction.

Some people here have called me the "weakest link." But, it wasn't me, it was those darn people who were surveyed. Who doesn't think that marinara is a type of sauce? Who knew that Jason isn't a movie, much less a movie with a sequel?

I don't want to point any fingers, but if I'm second-string then Sheriff LeeRoy Hardin is sitting the bench with me. He got "Billie the Kid," but our little Vanna White had accidentally shown that answer to the audience moments before.

I'm not accusing the other team of intimidation, but did anyone else notice that Hardin went on stage with a gun?

Chief Photographer Clay Jackson had his own group of fans. They were plenty helpful, yelling "Wal-Mart" as a suggested answer to every question. He held his own, though, as our caboose player.

A favorite moment of the show is when Jackson, in his skatepark T-shirt, took on Danville City Commissioner Jamey Gay at the buzzer. Before the game, Gay quipped that all you have to do to take pictures is point-and-shoot. Can't wait to see his vacation snapshots.

Our gal Amanda Brannock turned out to be the brainiac. She was whipping out answers and dancing like nobody's fool.

I don't want to call any names, but Managing Editor John Nelson did say we couldn't win. Who's dishing up crow soup today, huh?

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