Public Record for July 25

July 25, 2004


Civil Judgments

Civil judgments issued recently in Boyle Circuit Court include:

John Joe Baca vs. Denise Dettorre Baca, divorce granted.


District Court

Cases handled recently in Casey District Court, listed by name, charge, fine and jail sentence, where applicable, include the following. Court costs were also assessed in most cases. Ages and addresses are listed if available.

Devin D. Pevely, 20, Merritt Ridge Road, Windsor, third-degree criminal mischief, 30-day sentence or repair damage of property.

Tommy L. Harmon, 37, 30 Red Hill Road, Dunnville, fourth-degree assault with minor injury, $50 and credited for time served.

James Carrier, 21, 184 Foster St., Liberty, assault, $50; resisting arrest, credited for two days served and eight days suspended; disorderly conduct, $50.


Daniel N. Reams Jr., 34, 1704 Hurricane Ridge Road, possession or use of drug paraphernalia, $25; possession of marijuana, $200. A fourth-degree assault charge merged. A 30-day sentence was suspended.

Ashley N. Wyatt, 18, 1129 Shelf Ridge Road, Hustonville, DUI, $200 and credited for time served plus 10-day sentence to be served and a 90-day suspension of driver's license; and reckless driving charge merged. She pleaded not guilty to possession of marijuana and is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 3 on that charge.

Nelson R. Carmicle, 44, Liberty, DUI, $200 and 90-day suspension of driver's license.

Grand Jury

Cases referred to grand jury include:

Steven L. Turpin, 22, 21 Norris Road, Hustonville, third offense driving under the influence of intoxicants, and second offense driving on a license suspended for DUI.

Patsy J. Coomer, 38, 180 Curtis Road, Gravel Switch, criminal possession of a forged prescription.

Criminal Judgments

Criminal judgments handed down recently in Casey Circuit Court include:

Keith A. Hogue, 31, Liberty, pleaded guilty to flagrant nonsupport, pretrial diversion order entered that he be under unsupervised probation and pay $25 per month toward $10,381 he owes in child support.

Judy A. Bryant, 38, address unavailable, sentenced to 12 months in jail and pay $130 in costs on a second-degree assault charge.

Thomas Ryan, 28, 4375 Hwy. 2141, Stanford, pleaded guilty to flagrant nonsupport, pretrial diversion ordered entered and he is to pay $25 per month on the $5,019 he owes in child support.

Ernest G. Luttrell, 67, 3494 Chestnut Level Road, liberty, pleaded guilty to menacing amended from first-degree wanton endangerment and was probated.

Jaharvas J. Napier, 25, Danville, a flagrant nonsupport charge was dismissed after he paid $3,140 in support payments.

Gary Colliver, 51, U.S. 127 N., Liberty, theft by failure to make required disposition of property over $300 charge dismissed after he paid $200 in restitution.

Jamie C. Tillett, 31, pre-trial diversion order entered on three counts of second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument. He is to make $600 restitution to Farmers Deposit Bank.

Wilbur Riddle Jr. 24, 17531 Ky. 1247, Waynesburg, sentenced to one year for two counts of second-degree forgery, and two counts of first-degree persistent felony offender. Probation was denied.

Timothy W. Harmon, 33, Columbia, sentenced to five years on charges of disorderly conduct, second-degree fleeing police, resisting arrest, third-degree assault of a police officer, and two counts of second-degree forgery. Restitution ordered.

Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses filed recently in the office of the county clerk include:

Brandy Nicole Patterson, 20, receptionist, Middleburg, and James Lewis Jenkins, 24, construction worker, McKinney.

Lauren Ashley Creighton, 18, student, and Frankie Otis Luttrell, 17, concrete construction, both of Liberty.

Amy Melinda Murphy, 25, medical transcriptionist, and Anthony Dewayne Quinn Coyle, 39, delivery driver, both of Liberty.

New Drivers

New driver's licenses issued recently in Casey Circuit Clerk's office are:

Derieck M. Hayes

Manaki N. Pendleton

May Cappelli

Bethany J. Atwood

Deborah T. Evans

Quinton K. Johnson

Brittani Franklin

Jessica Minton

Lindsey Grider

Justin Snow

Thomas Daniel

Pamela Black

Marietta Beachy


Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Stacy May include:

Gabrielle Johnson, 24, Lancaster, waitress, and James E. Gross, 33, Lancaster, maintenance man.

Susan M. Cummins, 22, Lancaster, certified nursing assistant, and Jeffrey L. Wofford, 21, Parksville, construction.

Regina M. McElroy, 19, Lancaster, student, and Michael J. Condon Jr., 21, Lancaster, student.

Christine Combs, 27, Stanford, sales manager, and Michael S. Hilderbrand, 26, Stanford, sales.

Claire E. Esham, 38, Crab Orchard, and Carlos J. Broughton, 51, Lancaster, retired equipment operator.

Christina M. Falin, 27, Richmond, loan officer, and Scott A. Didion, 27, Richmond, military.

District Court

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