Costello twins from Casey trying to be wrestling divas

July 26, 2004|LARRY VAUGHT

Growing up in Casey County, twin sisters Julia and Chandra Costello often watched professional wrestling on TV with their father and brothers.

"That's when Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were the big stars," said Julia. "We would watch and then do the same moves when we wrestled with our brothers. Once I did a pile driver on my brother and about broke his neck. But we were true wrestling fans."

The two sisters, who both made The Advocate-Messenger All-Area Team during their basketball careers at Casey, are now even more interested in professional wrestling. They are two of 10 finalists in the $250,000 WWE Diva Search.

They were contacted about taking part in the search by a WWE employee who had worked with them when they were on the "Man Show." They went to an audition in Los Angeles and were two of 16 women out of 175 who tried out and were selected to advance.


"We thought they would pick 10, but they picked 16," Julia said. "But then we had to appear on the show with eight ladies from the Chicago tryout and four from New York. Out of those 28, they picked 10 finalists and we both got picked."

Now they'll appear each on Spike TV's Monday night two-hour "RAW" in hopes of winning the $250,000 top prize. Each week one contestant will be eliminated in voting by WWE fans until the winner is chosen Sept. 13.

"Every vote counts and fans can log on to and vote or they can call during the show and vote," Julia said. "Tell everyone to make sure they vote for both of us. If you have a cell phone and a regular phone, you can use each line to vote. Then you can also go online and vote."

She says voting is done during the show. Last week the number to vote for Julia was 1-866-WWE-1323 and for Shawnie it was 1-866-WWE-1328.

"We don't know if the numbers will change or not," Julia, a 1994 Casey graduate, said.

They decided to go with their real names

Don't be confused by the names, either. Julia always went by Julie and Chandra by Shawnie until deciding to go with their real names, not nicknames, for this show.

"We kind of wish now we had just stuck with Julie and Shawnie, but we can't change now. Still, we're happy just to be along for the ride," Julia said. "We'll be on each Monday until we get voted off and going to a different city each week."

Exactly what the winning diva will do has not been determined, but she'll be on the show for a year. However, the Costello twins apparently will stay "for the ride" no matter how the Diva Search ends.

"They want to use us in other ways," Julia said. "They really liked us being twins even though we are separate contestants in the contest. They've said they want us to stay involved with the show."

Would they split the money if one wins?

"No, it's all or nothing," Julia said. "We would be happy for each other if one of us won. We've always competed with each other, so this is just another competition. But we are really happy that they are going to keep us on the show."

The two certainly have gotten used to national exposure since moving to California. Julia did two scenes in the 2003 movie "The Italian Job" starring Mark Wahlberg. They were both in the movie "Dumb and Dumberer." They've done national commercials.

Recently they served as tour guides for three shows on PGA Tour Sunday, a weekly show on the USA Network. They've been told the shows may air again next month.

"They took us to three great courses where we played the signature holes and talked to the professional about the course," Julia said. "But then we also got to check out shopping, dining and other things. We were like tour guides. It was a lot of fun."

The two did not start playing golf until just before their senior year at Casey County. However, Julia did play on the golf team at Lindsey Wilson College.

"Once we started playing, we loved it. We were out at Hickory Hills (Country Club) playing about every day," Julia said. "We still try to play golf a lot. Sometimes we get paid for playing in celebrity events and others we do to help various charities. But we like our golf."

They like it so much that they are working on producing their own golf travel show and have talked to several networks about the show.

"We want to do a 30-minute show where we would not only be the talent, but we would also be the producers," Julia said. "It would have a fun, informative format. We would have something for the most serious golfer, but also offer travel tidbits and other fun information about the course and where it's located."

Tonight, though, the twins will continue their $250,000 WWE Diva quest.

"Who would have ever thought we would have gone from watching pro wrestling to being on the show?" Julia said. "It's really been a lot of fun, but we both also want to win. That's why the more people who can vote, the more it will help our chances of maybe making it to the end."

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