Pets and owners shine at Mercer fair

July 28, 2004|ANN R. HARNEY

HARRODSBURG - Izabella, a blue-ribbon-winning guinea pig owned by Avery Edwards, has had a busy life.

Izabella was born just last October but already has met her mate and had a litter of three baby guinea pigs. Tuesday evening at the Mercer County Fair and Horse Show, she won a blue ribbon for being the smallest youth pet in the pet show.

Of course, Izabella didn't do it all alone. Avery Edwards, 10, said she read about the pet show in the newspaper and decided to enter.

Earlier this year, Izabella was introduced to Johnny, a guinea pig that is the pet of the second-grade class taught by Avery's mother, Denise Edwards at Mercer County Elementary School.


The get-together produced three baby guinea pigs in May. Two of them went to a teaching colleague of Mrs. Edwards. The third baby was kept by the Edwards family and is named Calico because of her coloring and markings.

Izabella is mostly black with a broad brown stripe around her middle. Three of her feet are brown, and one is white. Johnny, on the other hand, is mostly white, but his face is black, members of the Edwards family explained, and his hair is curly; Izabella's hair is straight.

Calico has curly white hair over most of her body except her face which is both brown and black, thus the name. Avery Edwards said Calico sort of looks like a calico cat.

Denise Edwards carried a water bottle with a spout from Izabella's cage, but when offered a drink, the prize winner showed no signs of being thirsty.

Other members of the Edwards family, including Avery's father Mark Edwards and her sister Kelsey Edwards, were on hand Tuesday night to lend their support to Avery and Izabella. Their efforts did not go unrewarded.

Avery got a blue ribbon and $3 in cash for having the smallest youth pet, and Izabella got a fresh bunch of lettuce.

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