Skatepark equipment approved

July 28, 2004

Danville City Commissioners voted 4-1 Monday to buy $41,000 of equipment for a skatepark from Skatewave.

The company had the most votes on an online poll and on comment cards passed out when three companies brought equipment to the old Save-A-Lot parking lot to be tested by skaters.

Commissioner Ryan Owens voted against the purchase, saying that he didn't think it was a wise use of taxpayer money at this time.

The park will be built on a concrete pad in Millennium Park and is expected to be finished by mid-August.

The city will buy the materials for the pad, and the county will lay the concrete.

On Monday, the Fraternal Order of Police donated $500 toward the skatepark. They raised the money at a Bingo event.

Sgt. Tom Bustle said police wanted to help give the kids a place to skate.

Police Chief Jeff Peek signed a petition to build the park. He has said that the police don't want to have to tell the kids they can't skate on city property and parking lots, and that they wanted the kids to have a designated place to practice their sport.


The community will help install the equipment on the pad.

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