Boyle Floral Hall results

July 28, 2004

Winners in the Boyle County Fair Floral Hall are listed by grand champion, and first through third place in each category.

Antiques and collectibles, Cliff Dunne, grand champion, and Deloris Tarkington, Betty Followell and Mable Bottom. Clothing article (handmade), Carlene Moore, Mable Bottom and Cliff Dunne. Crocheted article, Anna Carpenter, Carlene Moore and Jean Mlinar. Doll, Cliff Dunne, first. Embroidered article, Mary Whitehouse, Carlene Moore and Linda Dunne.

Furniture (small item), Cliff Dunne, Mable Bottom and Carlene Moore. Jewelry item, Carlene Moore, Linda Dunne and Betty Followell. Knitted article, Jean Mlinar and Carlene Moore. Leather article, Carlene Moore and Cliff Dunne. Needlepoint article, Carlene Moore, first, and Cliff Dunne, second. Painting, Cliff Dunne and Carlene Moore. Photograph (non-professional), Betty Followell, Anna Carpenter and Carlene Moore.

Picture frame, Betty Followell and Cliff Dunne. Rug, Deloris Tarkington, Mary Fran Melton and Carlene Moore. Quilt, Cliff Dunne, Mary Fran Melton and Anna Carpenter. Scrapbook, Carlene Moore, Deloris Tarkington and Marthetta Clark. Tatted article, Carlene Moore and Anna Carpenter.


Cut work, Cliff Dunne. Toy, Deloris Tarkington and Anna Carpenter. Woven article, Mable Bottom, Carlene Moore and Cliff Dunne. 4-H project, Carlene Moore and Jean Mlinar. Glass, Hattie Fenwick.

Fine arts

Jerry Ursprung was named grand champion in fine arts. Other winners are:

Carving by hand, carving/wood, carving/other, and carving/letter opener, Earl Croushorn; and carving/scroll saw, Jerry Ursprung.

Drawing: Pen and ink, Tina Hitchner and Brittany Griffiths. Pencil, Brittany Griffiths and Joyce Zinner. Painting: Acrylic/landscape, Tina Hitchne. Acrylic/still life, Ann Ursprung and Shirley Cochran Walls. Oil/landscape, Jack May, Linda Dunne and Diane Carey. Oil/portrait, Diane Carey. Mixed media/still life, Brittany Griffiths. Watercolor/landscape, Linda Dunne.


Mary Helen Cooley was named grand champion in the crafts division. Other winners are:

Ceremics: Glazed article, Becky Barrick, Kelly Simpson and Linda Dunne. Stained article, Ann Barkman, Joyce Zinner and Emma Shannon.

Dollmaking: Soft sculptured doll, Sue Nordin. Stuffed animal, Joyce Zinner.

Painting: Folkart painted article, Mary Helen Cooley. Tole painted article, Mary Helen Cooley and Debbie Burton. Weaving: Woven article made on a loom, Cliff Dunne and Linda Dunne. Miscellaneous: Album cover (judged on cover): Mary Helen Cooley.

Band box, candle and collage, Mary Helen Cooley. Shirley Cochran Walls was second in collage. Bead accessories (such as key chain), Anita Jacobs. Calligraphy, Brittany Griffiths. Decoupage, Mary Helen Cooley, Shirley Cochran Walls and Shirley Honaker. Fused item/ironed on, Joyce Zinner.

Handmade jewelry, Tammy Barkman, Mary Helen Cooley and Shirley Honaker. Memory/scrapbook and memory/Scrapbook2 pages in folder, Betty Followell. Recycled article, Debbie Burton, Betty Followell and Mary Helen Cooley. Stamped article, Tammy Barkman. Craft article made by child under 9, Katie Lane. Metallic painted object, Emma Shannon. No-sew blanket, Marthetta Clark and Joyce Zinner.


Deloris Tarkington was named grand champion in crocheting. Other winners are:

Afghan, Mary H. Cooley, Janice Vaught and Lisa Murphy. Bedspread/tablecloth, Deloris Tarkington.

Doily, Betty Followell and Janice Vaught. Hat, Mary Helen Cooley, second. Original designed article, Koretta Fitzgerald and Mary Helen Cooley. Purse and scarf, Mary Helen Cooley. Crocheted article other than above categories, Deloris Tarkington, Betty Followell and Janice Vaught. Crochet baby afghan, Anna Carpenter and Mary Helen Cooley.

Holiday crafts

Lous Frondal was grand champion in holiday crafts. Other winners are:

Any tree ornament, Mary Helen Cooley, Joyce Zinner, Betty Followell. Decorated basket, Mary Helen Cooley and Lois Frondal. Door decoration, Mary Helen Cooley, Deloris Tarkington and Joyce Zinner. Fused Item/ironed on, Joyce Zinner. Santa, Sue Nordin and Mary Helen Cooley. Snowman, Mary Helen Cooley and Joyce Zinner. Table decoration, Mary Helen Cooley and Sue Nordin.

Tree skirt, Roberta Trayner. Wreath, Mary Helen Cooley. Group of 12 or less small articles, Lois Frondal, Mary Helen Cooley and Helen Greene. Any article made by child under 9, Katie Lane.

Home furnishing and woodworking

Kathy Simpson was named grand champion in home furnishing and woodworking. Other winners are:

Basketry: Decorated basket, Mary Helen Cooley. Ribbed basket, Tina Hitchner. Woven basket, Tina Hitchner, Joyce Zinner and Marthetta Clark.

Home decorations: Birdhouse and centerpiece, Mary Helen Cooley. Door/wall decoration (not a wreath), Kathy Simpson, Mary Helen Cooley and Kenneth Runyon. Lamp shade, Mary Fran Melton. Silk flower arrangement, Mary Fran Melton and Betty Followell. Table decoration, Mary Helen Cooley and Ella Johnson. Wall hanging, Mary Helen Cooley. Wreath, Mary Helen Cooley and Ella Johnson.

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