Casey man indicted on jury tampering

July 28, 2004

LIBERTY - A Casey County grand jury indicted Phillip W. Brown, 43, Monday on charges of jury tampering and being a second-degree persistent felony offender.

Brown of 443 Trammell St., Liberty, is accused of jury tampering with the intent to influence a grand juror's vote, opinion or other action in a case by communicating directly with a juror other than as a part of the proceedings in the trial of the case.

The persistent felony offender charge stems from Brown being convicted of prior felony offenses and having been sentenced to one or more years in jail.

He and 10 other people were indicted by the grand jury, according to records in Circuit Clerk Craig Overstreet's office.

* William S. Darrah, 44, address unavailable, was charged with first-degree wanton endangerment.

He is accused of creating a substantial danger of death or serious physical injury July 10 to Justin J. Bernard by attempting to run over Bernard with an automobile. His bond is $2,500.


* Steven D. Morgan, 42, address unavailable, charged with fraudulent insurance act. He is accused of abetting, soliciting or conspiring with another person to commit a "fraudulent insurance act, in order to claim money exceeding $300.

He reportedly presented Combined Insurance Co. of America a statement in support of more than $9,895 in disability claims, knowing it contained false, incomplete, or misleading information.

* Donald A. Ledford, 39, address unavailable, charged with two counts of theft by unlawful taking or disposition. He is accused of taking control over a quantity of timber in June and July from the properties of Howard Thompson and Bill Whitford with the intent to deprive each owner of more than $300.

* Jimmy D. Simpson, 25, of Lebanon, charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, first-degree wanton endangerment, first-degree assault and driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Simpson is accused of endangering the life of Edward D. Taylor July 15 by driving in a wanton manner and causing a traffic accident with the vehicle that Taylor was driving.

Simpson also is accused of causing serious physical injury to Bobby E. Lee, through his wanton operation of a vehicle, and being under the influence of intoxicants during the accident. His bond is $10,000.

* Janice Manley, 25, address unavailable, charged with second-degree forgery. She is accused of writing a child support check May 8 to Tonya Cox with intent to defraud, deceive or injure another. Her bond is $500.

* Rodney D. Hendricks, 35, Science Hill, charged with first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

He is accused of trafficking July 1 in methamphetamine and having drug paraphernalia for the purpose of injecting, ingesting, inhaling drugs into the human body.

* Jimmy L. Mason, 25, and Joseph B. Allen, 23, addresses unavailable, each charged with possession of a handgun by a convicted felon.

They are accused of possessing a handgun on July 13, after each had been convicted of a felony. Each is under a bond of $2,500.

* Bobby John Kelly, 25, 235 Ellison Drive, Liberty, charged with DUI, driving while license revoked of suspended for DUI, and first-degree fleeing or evading police on July 21. Bond is $2,000 cash or secured property.

* Patsy J. Coomer, 39, 180 Curtis Road, Gravel Switch, charged with criminal possession of a forged prescription.

She is accused of having a forged prescription for a controlled substance with the intent to defraud, deceive or injure another.

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