Distractions don't bother Shatner or her horses

July 30, 2004|JILL ERWIN

HARRODSBURG - The sights and sounds of the Mercer County Fair were all around Thursday night, but the distractions didn't bother Elizabeth Shatner of Los Angeles or her two horses.

Shatner won two classes Thursday during the Mercer County Fair and Horse Show, but she said it was a real test to do so.

"You can't get a showground that has any more going on," Shatner said. "If your horse goes here, especially a Western horse, you've got it made. Tractor pulls, screaming, lights ... and everything echoes in that arena. It's exciting."

Shatner will be back at the show tonight, when her husband, actor William Shatner, is scheduled to compete. Elizabeth Shatner said the Mercer show is one of the final tuneups the couple and their team from Belle Reve Farm have to prepare for next month's World Championships in Louisville.


Shatner said she, her husband and their team expect to show approximately five horses at the World Championships.

"We try to come to this show every year," Shatner said. "We love all these county fairs. It's a good way to tune our horses up, and ourselves up, for the World Championships."

Shatner had no problems Thursday. She won in the largest class, and one of the smallest. Shatner defeated 20 other competitors in the Adult Three-Gaited Pleasure class aboard Been To Paris. Then, just three classes later, she won the ASB Western Pleasure class, with just two entrants, aboard The Glitz.

"The Glitz is a horse we've raised since birth," Shatner said. "She's been out with our Western horse trainer most all of her life, so she's truly a Western horse. We have her training with Melissa Moore now so we could partake of some of the shows here."

Moore is well-known in show circles, especially at Mercer. The daughter of the late Tom Moore, Melissa Moore helped show several of the Shatners' horses at last year's World Championships.

One more show before the championships

The Shatners have just one more show before the championships, and Elizabeth Shatner said these final shows are just what the Belle Reve team needs to get a grip on where the horses stand.

"It's good to see where where your horse's mind is, if they need it," Shatner said. "Some horses, you train all year and they don't need to bring them. But if you need a final tuneup, it's good to see where their mind is, or if a rider hasn't ridden that much, where their balance is and how they're thinking, if they need any changes."

Shatner has been showing horses all her life, and was a professional for most of it before retiring five years ago. She also works as a horse judge.

She said she was pleased with her two wins Thursday night, saying, "Who wouldn't be? I feel very fortunate."

But she refused to pick between the two classes she won in, or even say which she enjoys the most.

She and her husband both won championships in roadster classes last year, and she added a win in a gaited class.

"I like them all, as long as you have a good horse," Shatner said. "It's not about the class, it's about the honor of having a good horse to show. Of course, speed is fun, so I have a gaited horse and a roadster horse that I happened to win the World Championships with last year."

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