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August 01, 2004|SHEILA J. CLARK

The self-titled debut CD of Los Lonely Boys is more than worth a listen to if you haven't already.

The band is made up of a trio of brothers, Henry (guitar), Jojo (bass) and Ringo Garza (drums) from Texas. These guys ooze with natural talent and their music styling is both relaxing and enjoyable, yet full of energy. You may have heard the LLB's tune "Heaven" on mainstream pop and country radio stations, or perhaps seen them on CMT or VH1. Their music has been called Texican rock and roll, but it's so much more than that.

Their music is best summed up by member Henry Garza with his "music burrito" theory. The theory goes something like this: The Boys are the tortilla, the different styles of musical influences are the meat. It's all rolled up and fed to the world to enjoy ala Los Lonely Boys. Despite the great variety of influences they have, they are still able to offer a unique style of their own.


If you enjoy Latin, blues, rock, country or soul music, or enjoy grooving to the music of folks like Ringo Garza Sr., Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B. King, Willie Nelson, Richie Valens, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles or Ronnie Milsap, you should also enjoy Los Lonely Boys.

I'm proud to be a Loopie - that's the nickname for a female LLB fan - and I must say, they're serving up a pretty tasty burrito. Take my advice - go get a big bite! Check out these Los Lonely Boys sites:

* Their official site can be found at Here, you can learn all about the group. The site has lyrics, songbytes, a photo gallery, articles, news, tour information and a store where you can purchase official LLB memorabilia. You also can watch the entire video for their song "Heaven" or communicate with other fans in the fan forum.

* Check out the first official fan club Web site for Los Lonely Boys at This site features a songbook of all the guys' songs and the hard-to-find Spanish lyrics to "La Contestacion," the powerful ballad at the end of their platinum debut album. The site also has the group's discography, photos, art work, information about the instruments the guys use, a calendar of events, links and more.

* Visit LLB's official site on their Or record label. It has bios, audios and videos, photos and tour information.

* The group's official site on Epic/Sony can be found at This is a multimedia site featuring sound clips, ringtones, contests to win LLB merchandise, tour dates and more. You also can sign up for the group's mailing list on the site.

* has an acoustic version of "Heaven" available for download for only 88 cents.

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* Microsoft will be releasing a critical security patch sometime this week to fix the Download.Ject vulnerability. Read more. It already has released a detection and removal tool to aid those who might have already been infected. The tool, at 118kb in size, can be downloaded.

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*Apple Computer and RealNetworks are feuding again because RealNetworks made it possible for music to be transferred to Apple's iPod digital music device. Apple plans to fire back by removing the capability in a future upgrade. Read more.

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