Property Transfers for Aug. 1

August 01, 2004


Deeds filed in the office of Boyle County Clerk Denise Curtsinger include:

Bill and Brenda Pennington to Nicolai R. Jilek, lot in Dexter Court subdivision, $97,000.

Charles Courtiour to Nathan Prather, lot in Herrington Lake subdivision, $8,000.

Gary W. Worthington to Irvin and Betty Worthington, lot on Tank Pond Road, gift.

Irvin and Betty Worthington to Gary W. Worthington, lot on Chestnut Grove Road near Parksville, gift.


Deeds filed in the office of Casey County Clerk Eva S. Miller include:

Alta J. Salmon to Carl and Amy Salmon, two tracts on Allen Creek, gift; fair cash value, $45,000.

Carl and Amy Salmon to Cyrus G. and Rhoda D. Miller, 8.655 acres on Allen Creek Road, $34,400.


Dian Ottinger to Gary G. and Ronda G. Hoskins, property on Ky. 1547, $17,000.

James R. and Brenda Buck to Gary G. and Ronda G. Hoskins, 1.072 acres on Ky. 1547, $11,000.

Jason D. Murphy to Randy L. Foster, 20.1 acres on Jonathon Fork Road, $15,000.

Clyde Goodin Jr. to Casey County Hospital District, property on Office Street, Liberty, $52,850.

Frank and Karen C. Kinnaird to Casey County Hospital District, three properties on Montgomery Avenue and College Street, $150,000.

Tony and Brenda Delk to Timothy E. and Lisa R. Bocook, property on Canoe Creek, $220,000.

CMH Homes Inc. to Darlene and Charles Houlette Jr., property in the county, $7,760.

Ronnie D. and Sally S. Davis and Billy and Belinda Rice to Donald and Ruth Price, exchange of .827 of an acre on Woodrum Ridge Road, fair cash value $6,000.

Donald and Ruth Rice to Ronnie D. Davis and Billy Rice, exchange of property on Woodrum Ridge Road, no fair cash value listed.

Carroll R. Haste and Susan D. Haste to Dylan O. Haste, two tracts on Rock Lick Creek, Bethelridge, fair cash value $10,000.

Nathan C. Frankel and Carolyn K. and Raymond E. Russman to David Burress, property on Bull Run Creek, $35,000.

J.C. Brown to June and Tony Strong, .447 of an acre on Ky. 1547 and Canoe Creek, $9,000.

Robert and Shirley F. Austin to Pam Rayborn and Clayton Crowley, contract for sale of property on Ky. 501, Grove Ridge, $45,000.

Greentree Servicing LLC to Ezekiel and Debra Smith, property on Allen and Hustonville streets, $25,200.

Edd and Louise Jones to Clarence and Joan Jones, half interest in 152 acres on Fishing and Russell creeks.

Wendell and Janet Emerson to Glen D. and Darlene Luttrell, parcel on Ky. 80, $5,000.


Deeds filed in the office of Garrard County Clerk Stacy May include:

Gwendolyn Gibb to Lonie and Crystal Gipson, property in Garrard County, $11,900.

Brenda Rice to Kenneth Morgan Jr., property on Fall Lick Road, inheritance; fair cash value, $7,500.

Willis and Alice Sparks to Lisa and Russell Reynolds, property in Garrard County, gift; fair cash value, $10,000.

Danny and Pamela Smith to Leon and Tora Johnson, lots in Gale Drive subdivision, $85,000.

Peggy A. Banks to Terry and Patty Cheeks and Jonna Cheeks, property in Cartersville, $29,000.

Evelyn Rucker to Lana K. Waldon, property in Cartersville, $1; fair cash value, $1,000.

Paul and Sonya King to John and Tracy Lamb, property in Garrard County, $123,237.


Deeds filed in the office of Mercer County Clerk Ronnie Compton include:

Susan Schuster, guardian for unmarried infants for Zachary J. and Ansley P. Yankey, and Mark J. Schuster to Jeremy and Jackie Bugg, property on Cornishville Road, $32,000.

Donald R. and Joyce E. Alford to Davey and Janice Graham, property on College Street, $150,000.

Stuart W. and Janice F. Martt and Tony M. and Marlene A. Warner to Michael B. and Shanna Turner, tract in Martt/Warner minor plat, $17,730.

Waldon and Ina Adkinson to Kelvin and Karen Machal, property in Rainey Estates subdivision, $13,000.

Rainey & Kessler Development Co. to Kelvin and Karen Machal, property in Rainey Estates subdivision, $16,000.

Reva G. Spalding to Donald F. and Barbara L. Sanders, property in Riverview Estates subdivision, $150,000.

Gene D. and Dortha Lawson and Mary G. Shannon to Eileen S. Lester, property on Mac Court, $50,000.

Harry P. Ransdell Jr. to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., lots in Woodview addition, Salvisa, master commissioner's sale, $50,000.

Noris Hardison to Kentucky Housing Corp., property in Tabler addition, master commissioner's sale, $42,500.

Ronnie D. Young, administrator of the Carl Young estate, and others, to Jo Ann Cinnamon, property at 310 Dixie Manor subdivision, $100,000.

Robert C. and Melva White and Adam L. White to Lori Brockman, tract in White property, $39,000.

Hazel L. Watts to Ronald D. Watts, property on Maple Street, gift; fair cash value not listed.

Billy C. and Reda B. Johnson to Dorothy Daugherty and Anne F. Byrd, property in Maple Heights subdivision, $51,500.

Harold D. and Joyce A. Robinson to Linda Hawkins and James Jackson, property on Poplar Street, $24,200.

Pagie and Sandy Lewis to Clifford H. and Rebecca M. Slusher, property in McAfee Station subdivision, $144,900.

Ezra and Hettie E. Simpson to Jeremy W. Sexton, property in Reynolds subdivision, Salvisa, $95,000.

Harry D. and Madeline R. Burns and Mary K. and David L. Mayo Sr. to Robert H. Mayo, about 70 acres in Mercer County, $244,650.

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