Vaught's Views: Tyson's loss no surprise

August 01, 2004|LARRY VAUGHT

The fact Mike Tyson got beat is no surprise. The fact so many people seem shocked that he did lost on a fourth-round knockout is a surprise.

What did you expect?

Tyson is a has-been. He's a 38-year-old fighter who should be better known for his crimes than his victories. He's always been a bully, or tried to be, and even when he was in his so-called prime, he seldom beat big-time competition.

Friday's bout in Louisville was supposed to be the start of a glorious comeback for Tyson. All he had to do was beat unknown British boxer Danny Williams and he reportedly had an $88-million, three-fight contract waiting. All he had to do was win and the suddenly he was going to be back not only in the limelight, but also back on his way to financial security - for about the 20th time - and paying off his $38 million in debt.


The pay-per-view cost for the fight was $44.95. (And people want to complain about Kentucky football and basketball ticket prices?) Seats in Freedom Hall went for much more - and people lined up to buy the remaining seats to where promoters said over 12,000 seats were sold.

So many people were ready to anoint Tyson the king of boxing again that they apparently not only forgot his troubled past, but they also forgot his age and that he might be just a tad bit rusty after not fighting for 17 months. And don't forget that in his previous fight, Tyson was pummeled by Lennox Lewis.

Williams obviously was not intimidated. He might not be a member of boxing's elite list of fighters, but he also correctly noted that Tyson was no longer anyone to fear.

"People forget this isn't a peak Mike Tyson. This was a Mike Tyson who is 38 years old," Williams told The Associated Press after the fight. "I thought I could win."

Prevailing theory was Tyson was too strong, too experienced

Not many others did. He was a 9-1 underdog, and most thought that was generous. The prevailing theory was that Tyson was too strong, too experienced for Williams to last more than a few rounds.

Tyson won the first three rounds. However, Williams would not back down and when he got his chance to put Tyson away in the fourth round, he delivered.

Hopefully this will be the end of Mike Tyson. If he's supposed to be the savior of boxing, then the sport needs to go down like the Titanic.

Tyson always made more news with his bizarre behavior - remember, he did bite off a chunk of Evander Holyfield's ear during a fight - than with his boxing skills. He was a big puncher, but not a great fighter.

Outside the boxing ring, he said and did ridiculous things, including some that were against the law. Remember, he is a convicted rapist.

Tyson got just what he deserved in this bout. If ever anyone needed to be beaten down, lose to an unknown fighter and have millions of dollars snatched away from him, it was Tyson.

This was not an upset. It was justice. Finally Tyson got a feel for the humiliation he's always liked to dish out to others and, on second thought, that might have been worth paying $44.95 to see.

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