Little girl's dog escapes from kennel

August 02, 2004|HERB BROCK

People trying to find lost pets often will go to great lengths to find them, from nailing signs to utility poles, to passing out fliers to placing classified ads.

But Jeff and Jessica Conley of Perryville are taking their search for their daughter Jordan's rat terrier even further - they're offering a $500 reward for information leading to the whereabouts of the 2-year-old Sampson, also known as Sammy.

And that's not all. A friend of theirs has contacted a psychic in Arizona who specializes as a "pet communicator."

"Sammy means the world to Jordan," said Jeff Conley of his 5-year-old daughter's attachment to the black and white terrier with a floppy ear. "She always tells people Sammy is her 'favorite dog of all times.'"

Sammy's disappearance occurred Tuesday morning at the Nash, Cleveland and Godfrey veterinary clinic on Harrodsburg Road. Sammy and his brother, Jackson, were being boarded at the clinic. Jackson belongs to Jeff Conley's mother, Linda Conley, an employee of the clinic. Jeff Conley and Linda Conley, who live next to each other on farms on White Road, were on vacations with their families in Destin, Fla.


"From what we understand, Sammy and Jackson were taken out of their cages in the kennel at the clinic and put in the fenced, outdoor run in back to get some exercise," Jeff Conley said. "Both of them escaped. We're not sure how. They're were no holes to indicate they had dug out under the fence. Either a gate came open or the dogs somehow managed to climb the fence, even though it's at least 6 feet tall."

The good news is that Jackson came back to the run within minutes after leaving. The bad news is that Sammy didn't..

"The clinic called us in Destin Tuesday to let us know that Sammy was gone," said Jeff Conley. "We immediately started calling friends and they immediately began mobilizing search parties, going all over the land around the clinic and searching around where we live, thinking, hoping he might have somehow gone home."

Pet communicator contacted

In the meantime, a family friend who believes in the work of psychics got in touch with the pet communicator in Arizona.

"The communicator is trying to guide our friend in ways and places to search for Sammy," Conley said. "So far the guidance hasn't led us to Sammy, but all the help - from neighbors, friends, even strangers that heard that about Sammy, and the psychic - is really appreciated."

On Thursday, the Conley families returned from Destin to join the search.

"One of the first things I did was to put our other three rat terriers on leashes and conduct our own search party, hoping that the dogs, with their sense of smell and hearing and their dog communication abilities might help locate Sammy," said Conley.

With their various searches, by people and dogs and both physical and mental, not producing any results, the Conleys decided late last week it was time to put their money where their hearts are. They are offering a $500 reward, and they were out Friday around Danville, Perryville and other places posting and passing out fliers that have on them the reward amount, Sammy's photo and description, and phone and cell numbers to contact (Linda Conley at 859-236-5062 and Jeff Conley at 859-325-0656).

Meanwhile, Jordan still is hopeful that Sammy will return.

"She says that Sammy is out partying with other dogs and will come back when he's finished partying," said Conley. "She doesn't understand that we may not find him."

While Jordan awaits the return of Sammy, she does have another dog to dote on - a porcelain pup she found at a pottery shop in Destin.

"We went to this shop and Jordan fell in love with this little porcelain dog. She painted it after we got it for her," Conley said. "She said it reminded her of Sammy and was kind of a little statue of him.

"Jordan got the dog before we knew the real thing was missing. Little did we know at the time we got it for her that this little painted porcelain dog may be all she would have left of Sammy."

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