Boyle Fair should reduce ticket prices

August 02, 2004

Dear Editor:

The 2004 Danville-Boyle County Fair is history, and everybody who attended found something of interest for them. More folks would come if prices were not as high as they are. People ought to know how many "free" tickets are available because there are so many people who can't afford to come but would if they could obtain "free" tickets. The senior citizen night is great but more would come if prices were different.

I just want to compliment the Wellness Center for what they are doing. I use a "free ticket" that was in the Golden Gift Checkbook. I went seven times within a month and feel better than I did. Each session, I had special supervision by instructor Ronnie Allen, who drives from Richmond every day to help everybody have a better day. We are fortunate to have the Wellness Center here.

On another matter, it seems to me that when a street is redone, the manholes should be raised even with the street so the street would be smooth.


The 3.5 acres on Duncan Hill that the city acquired 42 years ago for the expansion of the cemetery should be left that way. Use it for the purpose it was given.

Not having a grocery store downtown is a hardship for those who cannot walk to a store. With as many empty buildings as there are downtown, it seems there could be one that would have a grocery store in it.

Danville has much to be proud of, and we are glad to be residents of this area.

Rev. and Mrs. Ron Moroni


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