Bush administration can't hide from voters

August 03, 2004

Dear Editor:

Now that the presidential campaign is in full gear,we the voters will really get an opportunity for the Bush administration to explain their vision for America.

We all know how the vision has been for the last 3 1/2 years, massive job loss across the country,a failed foreign policy that has isolated America from other countries, the largest federal deficit in history projected at $445 billion, rising costs of everything from gasoline to food while wages stay the same and no clear plan for improvement.

Yet, the White House wants to mislead the public and say that there is strong economic growth and things are getting better. The voters won't be fooled this time. The United States can't withstand four more years of this type of leadership.


In the coming days and weeks leading up to the election, the Bush administration will throw every negative thing they can at John Kerry. They already have attacked him over Vietnam. Kerry served proudly and should be allowed to say so - if he agreed with being there or not. Bush never went to Vietnam and did Guard duty in Texas when he wasn't in Alabama campaigning.

Bush's record speaks for itself. Most want to give him credit for the war on terrorism and rightly so. However public enemy number one, Osama bin Laden, is still free and even Bush has stated he wasn't concerned. The Bush administration misled Americans over the real reason for invading Iraq and now has no clear vision for bringing American troops home.

The citizens of the United States deserve better. The bush administration can't hide any longer and Americans will let their voice be heard.

Ken Griffin


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