Vaught's Views: Tyson may help Louisville

August 03, 2004|LARRY VAUGHT

If I didn't know better, I would swear:

* Louisville could actually benefit from the Mike Tyson fiasco.

The same boxing promoter who thought he had lined up a win for Tyson's comeback bout Friday, before he was decked by unknown Danny Williams, now wants to have another major fight in Louisville in the next four months.

Apparently a crowd of over 17,000 that paid anywhere from $40 to $1,500 for a ticket made it clear that Louisville has a boxing appetite even if the city had only really been known in boxing circles as the hometown of Muhammad Ali before Friday.

The real test will be the next fight. This time fans may have been intrigued by Tyson. If Louisville can draw that kind of interest for another fight, Louisville may finally have found the big-time sporting attraction it has been seeking for years.


* Roger Clemens would have to know better than to get ejected from a Little League baseball game.

Yet the same Clemens who can't stay with the Houston Astros all the time because so he can spend more time with his family really did get tossed from a youth league game Saturday for protesting after his 10-year-old son was called out on a close play.

While Clemens did not charge the field or verbally abuse an umpire over what may have well been a wrong call, the umpire said the future Hall of Fame pitcher did spit a sunflower seed at him.

Wonder how his son ever survived playing a game before Clemens cut his deal this year that lets him leave the Astros when he's not pitching?

* Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer wouldn't rather be a lawyer than a coach.

A defamation of character lawsuit filed against Fulmer by a former Alabama signee was dismissed Monday over a jurisdictional matter. However, Fulmer could still face some court time because of comments he made to the NCAA over alleged recruiting violations at Alabama. That possibility made him skip Southeastern Conference Media Days in Birmingham and instead lash out at lawyers and media members in a teleconference.

* Smarty Jones had walked away to enjoy more grass just like Ricky Williams.

The Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner will not race again because of bone bruises on all four hoofs. Now he'll stand at stud on Three Chimneys Farm outside Lexington and enjoy a life away from the spotlight.

That's the same thing Ricky Williams decided to do when he walked away from the Miami Dolphins just before training camp opened. However, Williams' decision may have been just a tad bit influenced by failing a drug test.

* The NBA wanted to make sure every basketball fan had at least one Christmas present that would not be returned.

Former Los Angeles teammates Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal will have their first meeting since their messy divorce on Christmas when O'Neal and the Miami Heat play Bryant's Lakers in Los Angeles on national TV.

Since the NBA season opens in early November, league officials could have paired the two teams much earlier in the season. However, putting the game on Dec. 25 assures that it will be the biggest sports event of the day and draw an even bigger national audience.

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