Boyle County floral and food contest results

August 04, 2004

Winners of the Boyle County floral hall food and floral competition are listed, first through third: Food grand champion was Martha Carmickle.

Rolls and Muffins: Biscuits, Betty Followell, Linda Short and Tisha Lane. Cinnamon rolls, Ruth White. Cornsticks and corn muffins, Anna Carpenter, Emma Tucker and Betty Followell. Banana bread, Carlene Moore, Betty Followell and Ramona Milburn. Nut bread, Anna Carpenter. Sourdough yeast bread, Roberta Trayner and Beth Johnson. Zucchini bread, Roberta Trayner. Sweet muffins, Anna Carpenter. Yeast rolls, Loretta Jacobs and Beth Johnson.

Cakes: Angel food cake, Ruth White. Chocolate cake, Stacy Coontz. Coffee cake, Carolyn Godbey. Jam cake, Martha Carmickle. Other cakes, Ramona Milburn, Anita Jacobs and Jane Gessaman. Cake made by a group, McDowell Place of Danville.

Candies: Fudge, Jennifer Fowler, Linda Short and Bailey Fowler. Dipped candy, Carlene Moore and Hattie Jane Norvell. Other candy, Bailey Fowler and Carlene Moore.


Cookies: Bar cookies, Jennifer Fowler and Juanita Vernon. Brownies, Julie Coffman. Chocolate chip cookies, Carolyn Godbey, Hattie Jane Norvell and Jane Gessaman. Peanut butter cookies, John Fowler, Hattie Jane Norvell and Linda Short. Other cookies, Bailey Fowler, Hattie Jane Norvell and Tish Lane. Decorated baked goods, Tammy Barkman.

Pies: Nut pie, Emma Tucker and Emma Shannon. Other pie, Carolyn Godbey. Baked good made by child under nine, Bailey Fowler.

Food preservation grand champion was Roberta Trayner. Canned fruit: Apples, Carlene Moore. Applesauce, Wanda Hafley. Berries, Martha Carmickle and Carlene Moore. Peaches, Beverly Lay and Carlene Moore. Pears, Roberta Trayner. Other canned fruit, Roberta Trayner and Beverly Lay. Juice, Carlene Moore.

Canned vegetables: Beans, Deloris Tarkington, Roberta Trayner and Carlene Moore. Beets, Deloris Tarkington and Carlene Moore. Corn, Carolyn Godbey. Tomato juice, Deloris Tarkington, Brittany Griffiths and Martha Carmickle. Tomatoes, Martha Carmickle, Beverly Lay and Carolyn Godbey. Other canned vegetables, Carolyn Godbey, Carlene Moore and Martha Carmickle.

Pickles, relishes and sauces: Beet pickle, Deloris Tarkington, Joyce Taylor and Sara Sims. Bread and butter pickle, Wanda Hafley, Deloris Tarkington and Carlene Moore. Dill pickle, Deloris Tarkington and Carolyn Godbey. Mixed pickles, Carolyn Godbey. Sweet cucumber pickle, Anna Carpenter, Beverly Lay and Carolyn Godbey. Other pickles, Wanda Hafley, Jean Mlinar and Deloris Tarkington. Relish, Anna Carpenter, Carolyn Godbey and Beverly Lay. Salsa, Beverly Lay, Sara Sims and Roberta Trayner. Pickled okra, Wanda Hafley and Deloris Tarkington. Pickled onions, Deloris Tarkington. Squash pickles, Wanda Hafley.

Soft spreads: Blackberry, Carlene Moore, Martha Carmickle and Wanda Hafley. Any other jam, Carlene Moore and Roberta Trayner. Apple, Sara Sims. Grape, Carlene Moore, Sara Sims. Any other jelly, Deloris Tarkington, Martha Carmickle and Beverly Lay. Pear, Wanda Hafley and Roberta Trayner. Strawberry, Carlene Moore and Joyce Taylor. Any other preserve, Joyce Taylor, Alice Neikirk and Wanda Hafley. Any butter, Wanda Hafley and Roberta Trayner.

Soups: Beef stew, Carolyn Godbey.

Horticulture grand champion was Mae Lamb. Fruits: Apples, Stewart McDermott and Joyce Taylor. Blueberries, Linda Dunne. Blackberries tame, Shannon Phegley. Blackberries wild, Beth Johnson. Any other fruit, Stewart McDermott. Fruit display, Stewart McDermott. Plums, Stewart McDermott. Pears, Stewart McDermott and Linda Dunne.

Vegetables: Bunch beans in pod, Anna Carpenter, Beth Johnson and Ashley Miller. Pole beans in pod, Mae Lamb. Beets, Ashley Miller, Joyce Taylor and Carlene Moore. Cabbage, Beth Johnson, Joyce Taylor and Ashley Miller. Corn, Joyce Taylor and Ashley Miller. Eggplant, Joyce Taylor. Small garlic, Carlene Moore. Large garlic, Carlene Moore, Phillip Barsotti and Mark Barsotti. Greens, Carlene Moore, Roberta Trayner and Ashley Miller. Lima beans, Roberta Trayner. Okra, Carlene Moore, Joyce Taylor and Roberta Trayner. White onions, Ashley Miller. Banana peppers, Roberta Trayner, Garnett Ashford and Ashley Miller. Hot peppers, Stacie Herron, Chris Herron and Carlene Moore. Sweet peppers, Mae Lamb, Anna Carpenter and Joyce Taylor.

Red potatoes, Mae Lamb. White potatoes, Mae Lamb, Carolyn Godbey and Joyce Taylor. Rhubarb, Anna Carpenter and Roberta Trayner. Yellow squash, Linda Dunne, Beth Johnson and Carlene Moore. Other squash, Joyce Taylor. Cherry tomatoes, Randall Carter, Beth Johnson and Mary Fran Melton. Medium tomatoes, Mary Fran Melton, Ashley Miller and Edna Lankford. Large tomatoes, Roberta Trayner, Garnett Ashford and Carolyn Godbey. Plum or roma tomatoes, Roberta Trayner, Ashley Miller and Joyce Taylor. Vegetable display, Roberta Trayner.

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