Don't look down on Duncan Hill neighborhood

August 05, 2004

Dear Editor:

My name is Kerry Kenley. I currently live on Duncan Hill here in Danville. I have lived out here all but a few of the 47 years that I have been on this earth. I live out here because I choose to, not because I have to or for any other reason as do the rest of the residents of the "Hill," as we call it.

In my view, Duncan Hill is a wonderful place to live. It is a very quiet and peaceful neighborhood. Most of the homes sit on one, two or three acre lots where you can look out your kitchen window and not see into your neighbor's bedroom.

There has been much talk from Mr. Norman Bartleson and others about cleaning up Duncan Hill. First, who said that the Hill is dirty? Not the folks who live out here. Second, who put Mr. Bartleson in charge of our neighborhood? It appears to me that he is only in this for self-gain.


What Mr. Bartleson needs to do is take care of his own neighborhood and let those who live out here take care of ours. The truth will come out when Danville makes public the petition that was filed and who filed it.

For years, Duncan Hill has had a reputation as a dangerous and unruly place. This is not the case. It is not the folks who live out here that are the problem, but those from the outside. The folks that live on the Hill are good, hard-working and Christian folks for the most part.

Please, Danville, do not look down on our neighborhood or the good folks who live on the Hill, nor think of it as a nasty place that needs cleaning up. Yes, there are some houses that are in need of repair. Some empty lots are overgrown with bushes and trees, but in these lots we see deer, squirrels, groundhogs and raccoons. There is even a family of red foxes - all this less than 20 minutes walk from downtown.

Kerry Kenley


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