Re-electing Bush will make us even stronger

August 05, 2004

Dear Editor:

Recently, a letter was printed that indicated we are a "wounded nation." I disagree. The writer complained that his intelligence was insulted by the lies and deceit of President Bush.

We celebrate the freedom envied by much of the world. Our economy is growing at an unprecedented pace. Our unemployment rate today (5.5 percent) is lower than it was in 1996 (6.2 percent), so low in comparison to European countries it should be considered full employment.

Sure, there are areas and people having hard times, but overall things are good. Year to date net job growth is at 1.2 million jobs. According to Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, the three rounds of tax cuts sponsored by President Bush prevented a severe recession (which started during the last administration) and helped spark the current economic recovery.


The Fed has cut interest rates 13 times starting in January 2001 and ending in June 2003. The federal funds interest rate was at 1 percent until a .25 percent increase on June 30, 2004. I ask how many homeowners had a chance to refinance due to the low interest rates and saved considerably on monthly payments? How many folks were able to purchase a new home at monthly payments they could afford because of these low rates? How many received tax refunds? And the core inflation rate today (1.7 percent) is lower than it was in 1996 (2.6 percent).

Then there's the war on terrorism. The 9/11 commission final report clearly backed President Bush's decision to remove dictators from both Afghanistan and Iraq. The report also indicated that the alleged lies and misinformation by the current administration were in fact the truth, and that in order to protect our nation from further terrorism this pre-emptive strike was the right thing to do. Former President Clinton had as a goal to remove the Iraqi leader, but just never quite got around to it.

I would strongly suggest more folks watch the Fox channel on cable or satellite dish if they want to get a better picture of what is really happening in Iraq. Yes, George Bush has had his chance to lead our country through one of the worst attacks on our nation in history, through corporate scandals, and through economic downturn. I think he deserves another four years for the great job he has done.

Cliff Miller


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