Casey expo center looking to add multipurpose building

August 11, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - Central Kentucky Ag/Expo Center is now owned by Casey Fiscal Court, and plans for future development are the next order of business.

Judge-Executive Ronald Wright said Monday that federal grant money was used to pay the $150,000 debt on the center. He signed the documents Monday to pay off the loan from Liberty Economic Development Corp.

"We need to think about the next phase, which is a 500- by 500-square-foot multipurpose building," Wright said.

He has been talking with planners who deal with the equine industry, special events and expo centers about the type of building needed for the center. He's also talked with manufacturing centers on the type of structure needed.

"We will take the ideas, put them together, and do what we need," he said.

"I think we need to talk with an architect and get help on laying out the building before we discuss costs," he told Fiscal Court and the committee that oversees the center. "We need someone who deals with this and have an outside view. We also need to secure funding for it and hire an architect to help us."


He showed a sketch of the exterior of a metal building that has air vents around the top for natural lighting and ventilation. He asked about constructing the building in stages, but someone suggested it would be more expensive.

"Once we get the hull up, we can add what we want inside," he said.

David Stringer asked about removable stalls for horses.

Donald Tarter of Tarter Gate Co. said he makes two sizes of stalls in wood or plastic that run between $450 and $650 each. He said they are simple to move.

Johnnie Beard suggested the stalls be permanent, but Arlen Sanders said the building needs to be used as a multipurpose center.

Twenty-one groups interested in using it

Jerry Hoskins said if the facility is up by March, there are 21 different groups interested in using it for two- and three-day events. People have asked about using it for horse sales and shows, he said. Others said cow show and sale organizers have expressed interest in using the Casey center.

"If they know we got it, they will come," said Hoskins.

Magistrate Kenny Morgan made the motion to authorize Wright to check into the matter and bring ideas back to the Fiscal Court.

Wright also talked with the Ag/Expo Center committee about a building to store equipment used by the jail gardeners. He said the plan is in the works.

Work on the building donated by the Casey County Pork Producers Association has been delayed until approval from the state. Wright said the building has to meet codes and that fire alarms, vents and work in the restrooms have to be completed. A heating plan also has to be made.

The group discussed taking down an old barn on the property but did not make a decision.

Wright said when county gets $223,000 coming through U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield's office to pay for bleachers and other improvements, everything will be paid for at the center.

Those serving on the center board besides Wright, Tarter, Hoskins, Stringer and Beard are Richard Owens, Mark Wolford, Jay Goode and Betty Lou Weddle.

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