Garrard hires Bolin as basketball coach

August 11, 2004|JILL ERWIN

LANCASTER - Garrard County didn't want to make a hasty choice it would regret, and Scott Bolin wanted to help the Golden Lions.

So Bolin was hired Tuesday as Garrard's interim boys basketball coach. He will coach the upcoming season before Garrard officials reopen the coaching search in the spring.

"We'll advertise in the spring and go from there," athletics director Jim Freeman said. "We'll see what's out there."

Former coach Cecil Combs resigned just before school started. Garrard held interviews, was going to offer the job to one candidate before he pulled his name out of the running and had a second candidate turn the job down when he couldn't get out of his teaching contract this year.

Bolin, who was an assistant for Combs last season, said he told the Garrard administration all along that he would be willing to step in on an interim basis.


"They asked, if they didn't find who they wanted for the job, would I be interested in doing an interim-type deal," Bolin said. "I told them I'd do it on an interim basis for the simple fact that it's not fair to the kids to put somebody in there who's not the best fit. We (the current staff) know everything that's going on and we can keep everything going on the same page. We can be successful."

Bolin went to Garrard and has coached in the school system for five years. He spent two years coaching middle school basketball, then became a girls basketball assistant for two years under Ken Hurt before moving to the boys side last year. Bolin also helped coach the baseball team for one year.

He already has coached this year's seniors

His time at the middle school level was spent coaching this year's seniors.

"I've been with this team since they were seventh graders. We go way back," Bolin said. "It's really hard on high schoolers to change systems so much. We can come in and continue as normal. We don't have to start from scratch, the kids know what to expect out of me and (assistant) Dickie (Gilbert) and the rest of our staff. It's just going to be work as normal."

Bolin said he is planning on being the coach for one year, but both he and Freeman said things may change during the season and that's what the reevaluation at the end is for.

"It depends on what he wants to do," Freeman said. "If he feels confident in what he's done and if he's interested in doing it for a long term deal, we'd be glad to give him a look. He's a Garrard County boy, he's very well respected, the kids like him and he's a fabulous teacher for us. He'd be a name we'd really look at."

"I want the job to be opened up at the end of the year for the simple fact that it's for the kids," Bolin said. "If there's somebody that comes in that is a better fit for the job than I am, I have no ego in this. I will back down, be the JV coach and a varsity assistant and support the new coach 110 percent.

"Maybe this will be my one year as a head coach, then I'll coach JV for the rest of my life. I'd be completely fine with that."

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