Candidates file for area city, school board seats

August 12, 2004

The deadline to file for the Nov. 2 election was Tuesday. Here are the final filings reported:


Danville City Commission - Ryan Owens, Jamey Gay, Chester Kavanaugh, Terry Crowley, incumbents; and Kevin Caudill, Alex Stevens, Tom McKune and Gordon Howe.

Junction City Council - Donnie Goode, Dewayne Taylor, Roberta Zeller, Connie Vernon, Jim Douglas, incumbents; and Judy Reynolds, Scott Terry, Kenny Baldwin and Ronald Pemberton.

Perryville City Council - Anne Sleet, Phillip Crowe, Larry Cox, John Gentry, Dawn Hastings and Julie Clay, incumbents.

Danville Board of Education - Paul Smiley and Steve Becker, incumbents.

Boyle County Board of Education - District 1, incumbent Edward Sleet and Stephen Tamme; District 4, incumbent Sharon Johnson and Randal Carter; and District 5, Alane Mills.


Soil and Water Conservation District supervisor - Allen Goggin, W.G. Cooley, John Helm and Jerry Little, incumbents; and John Shewmaker.


Liberty City Council - Larry Bowmer, 59, 233 Fair St.; James Ellison, 56, 20 Beech St.; Brian Beeler, 34, Middleburg Street; Barry Davis, 56, 54 Sharp Hollow Road; Earl "Monk" Wilson, 78, 411 Trammel St.; and Brad Vaughn, 34, 325 Segal Wesley Ave., all incumbents; and Jennifer Bastin, 38, 993 Hustonville St.; and Joey Tucker, 30, 324 Segal Wesley Ave.

Casey County Board of Education - 1st District: Sheila H. Elliott, 53, 3115 Woodrum Ridge Road, Liberty, and John M. Cox, 46, 1615 Ky. 78, Bradfordsville; 4th District, Gale Durham, 46, 7498 E. Ky. 70, Yosemite, incumbent, and Kenneth C. Coffman, 44, 2960 Shorttown Road, Middleburg; and 5th District, Dinah Burton, 43, 320 Alice Roy Road, Windsor, incumbent, and Stacy Hines Woodrum, 30, 3206 S. Ky. 837, Bethelridge.

Soil Conservation District supervisor - Brent Ware, George W. Ellis, Mary Sue Shoopman and Harvey Luttrell.


Lancaster City Council - Jesse Wagoner, 45, 118 Deer Run; Daniel Napier, 33, 316 Davis Ave.; Cecelia D. Adams, 54, 217 Lexington St.; Randy Stathers, 50, 306 Lexington St.; Donna Murphy Powell, 59, 116 Pin Oak Drive, incumbents; and Ronald Smallwood, 50, 117 Colony Road, and Donald Rinthen, 49, 109 Woodland Ave.

Garrard County Board of Education - 1st District, Greg Crutchfield, 45, 217 Royalty Drive, incumbent; 2nd District, Susan R. Ledford, 59, 202 Longview Court, incumbent; and 3rd District, Jerry Browning, 57, 112 Palisades Pointe; unopposed.

Soil Conservation District supervisor - Darrell Bolton, H. Jerome Isaacs and James Warren Hicks.


Crab Orchard City Commission - Mayfrey "Mae" Agee, 76, 238 Main St.; Ken Price, 49; Dwane White, 314 Stanford St.; Johnnie Lou Adams, 64, 230 Main St.; Wayne E. Speake, 64; Dwight Hopkins, 37, 232 Main St.; and Franklin Leo Dyehouse, 44.

Eubank City Commission - Edward R. Hicks, 55, 19384 Ky. 1247.

Hustonville City Council - Jimmy Lane, 53, 80 College St.; Juanita Couch, 33; Robert B. Hicks Sr., 81, 7605 Ky. 2141; and John S. Reed, 47, 9801 E. Main St.

Stanford City Council - Geneva W. Owens, 608 E. Main St.; Bobby Wilkinson, 59, 211 Martin Luther King St.; Jayme R. Phillips, 41, 208 W. Main St.; Mike Southerland, 35, 105 Pettus Court; Steve Dozier, 49, 708 E. Main St.; Jamie B. Leigh, 307 Chickasaw Trail; Steven Lucas, 55, 105 Helm St.; Scottie Ernst, 45, 609 E. Main St.; and Bill Hale, 63, Star Avenue, Apt. A.

Lincoln County Board of Education - 5th District, Tom Blankenship, 62, 15 Rigsby Lane, Crab Orchard, and Jesse Ray Shelton, 52, 90 Leigh Road; 4th District, Denny C. Hogue, 57, 13965 Ky. 1247, Waynesburg; and 3rd District, Eddie Whittemore, 28, 385 Geneva-McKinney Road, Hustonville.

Soil Conservation District supervisor - Paul Starnes, Charles Martin, Harry Goggin and James K. Stamper.


Mercer County Board of Education - Glynda Short, Ronnie Sims and Bobby Reister, incumbents.

Harrodsburg Board of Education - Michael G. Preston and Teresa Noel, incumbents.

Burgin Board of Education - Keith Monson and Lynn Russell, incumbents.

Burgin City Council - Joey Hardin, Christine McGrath, Mary Margaret Heaton and Terry Pitman.

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