Those who don't neuter pets should pay more

August 12, 2004

Dear Editor:

When we elect magistrates and other officials, they are there to do what is in the best interest of everyone in the community. I might add to that, everything in our community. To have magistrates seemingly indifferent to the needs of the animals they live with and to the many others in our community, borders on the side of complete disregard for the right moral and ethical treatment for these innocent victims. To have them brag that they don't spay or neuter their companion animals and don't purchase licenses as required by law shows a lack of common sense. What is that telling the rest of us that do spay, neuter and support the no-kill shelters and Humane Society? What about the many other people who try to rescue and nurse to health the animals that they find in the dumps and beside the roads as a result of people not spaying and neutering.


My husband and I have been longtime supporters of the local Humane Society and area no-kill shelters. We have rescued and nursed about 60 animals ourselves and spent thousands of dollars to save them and find good responsible loving people to adopt them. Right now, I have three baby kittens I am bottle-feeding that my husband found in the road by a dump site. They were very dirty, dehydrated, full of worms and about 8 days old. The Humane Society told me that even after I nurse them by bottle and raise them to about 8 weeks old, that the chances are that they would be put to sleep if I bring them out there because they are so filled up with cats and kittens. So, no, I could not have the heartbreak of them being put to sleep. I will raise them and either find a good home for them myself or, as happens a lot of times, keep them. This will cost us quite a bit of money, a lot more than it would have cost someone to spay or neuter their animal.

Not fair, is it? Since we didn't cause the problem, someone else did, someone who did not want to spay or neuter their animal. This happens all the time, and it should not be allowed to continue to happen!

I would like to ask the magistrates that don't protect their companion animals from needless pregnancies: What do you do with the litters of puppies and kittens? If you are feeding, worming and vaccinating them properly, then running an ad in the paper to find them a very good home where they will be loved and taken care of, what is that costing you? Well, I don't think you could possibly be doing that for anywhere near the price of a spay or neuter of the adult animal. If you are not doing this and dumping the offspring away from your property or at the animal shelter, then you have absolutely no business having a say in the fees that need to be charged to people who don't alter their companion animals.

What I think should happen is, first, you should be fined for not having the tags required. Second, you should have to visit the shelter and help the staff clean and nurse the animals for a week. Third, I think you should have to come back and help the staff to put these animals down.

If you have a heart and soul, maybe this would change the way you look at this.

The only answer to this problem is for people to find compassion in their hearts for the animals, and for everyone trying to take care of someone else's lack of responsibility.

The Humane Society will help you with the fees to spay and neuter if you don't have the money. Please call them and support a $20 license fee for people who don't spay and neuter. They would give these people a rebate towards spaying or neutering.

Please write letters to the paper and call Dan Turcea at the Humane Society at 238-1117 to see how you can show your support for this vital new law. We cannot let this opportunity for a change pass us by.

Rebecca Hogue


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